CryptoCard: Dark Country CCG - 02.08.20 Update - New 'Inspire' Mechanic and New Character Announced!
Dark Country CCG Update

CryptoCard: Dark Country CCG - 02.08.20 Update - New 'Inspire' Mechanic and New Character Announced!

By rabbt | CryptoCard | 8 Feb 2020

Hello ghostly gunslingers...

Yesterday Dark Country [Immortal Games] released information that the current exclusive card set, Exodus, will include a unique mechanic 'Inspire' This mechanic will impact some play-ability and appears that it will be limited to cards within the current offering of Exodus only. 


How this specific mechanic will play out is still to be revealed but I promise to dig in to it with some detail once access to the game becomes available in April (Q2). I will play the game for a few days at that point to collect some solid game data and write the following week which will include a highlight of this skill. 

Currently Dark Country is available in pre-order only and you can purchase bundles for the exclusive Exodus set now. The cheapest bundle is now up to 39.95 USD (0.17929794 ETH at the time of this writing) as the promotional price has expired as of yesterday. However, if this bundle is too steep a wager for you, they are currently offering individual card packs as well for a range of cheaper prices. From 1.95 USD (0.00875171 ETH) to 82.15 USD (0.36869402 ETH) for the most rare cards:

Dark Country CCG Card Packs (copyright

The development team also released an image of a specific character within the Resolute Rangers class, the 'Frontier Surgeon'. There's not much more information to share at this time on the character but from the marketing images it looks wonderfully morbid. I won't be making any medical appointments with him but I'm hopeful to claim one for my collection at some point!


I will continue to update as more information becomes available via my blog

A special thanks to all my new readers and followers!


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EDIT: Originally stated that Feb 15th was the launch of the game however this is the end of the pre-sale event for the Exodus card set. Launch of the beta version of the game is expected in April (Q2) as per the company roadmap but there is not an exact date available at this time. I will post an announcement once this information is available!


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