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By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 13 Jun 2024

This week, ZkSync announced the modality of the airdrop that is planned for the launch and also released the eligibility checker. So let’s dive into it !

1*azcZuzQUdSI5fUBAFqcnYA.png Source : Zk Nation

To quickly explain what Zk Sync is, it’s a layer 2 rollup of the Ethereum blockchain that is built around the Zero-Knowledge proof technology, unlike Arbitrum or Optimism, which use Optimistic technology. The role of Layer 2 is to scale the Layer 1 blockchain they are built on, in this case, Ethereum.

To differentiate the Optimistic and the Zero-Knowledge technology:

  • Optimistic rollups : Assume transactions on the chain are valid by default and only run computation via a fraud proof.
  • ZK-rollups : Only need to provide validity proofs to finalize transactions on Ethereum.

The Airdrop

This airdrop was long-awaited by the community. There was a lot of hype back in the days when Arbitrum made their airdrop in March 2023. Everyone was saying that the next one would be Zk Sync, and the TVL skyrocketed to 125 millions in the span of a few days.

1*38PrAG3tiHI-Gt1Y-FKeOA.png Source : Defillama

Now, after the snapshot was taken on March 24, 2024, 00:00:00 UTC, the TVL is declining but nothing alarming.

This airdrop is massive for the 695,232 eligible wallets with 3.675 billion tokens (17.5%) of the 21 billion total supply:


Source : Zk Nation

In order to be eligible, each address must have had at least one point among this list :

1*Y7T2HUc7dMNJD7uD6SMzWA.png Source : Zk Nation

There were also multipliers that are interesting to mention, such as the fact that holding the Arbitrum/Optimism and ENS airdrops was considered. It shows that they value long-term users. Maybe other projects will have the same inspiration.


Source : Zk Nation

The airdrop allocation was capped at a maximum of 100,000 $ZK per wallet and a minimum of 917 $ZK.

Users can claim their tokens starting next week (June 17th) until January 3rd 2025, and it will be gas-free.

Here are all the important links : (From Zk Nation Offical Post) :

Checker → https://claim.zknation.io

Announcement → https://blog.zknation.io/zk-token/

Docs → https://docs.zknation.io

Be aware of scammers, especially when it comes to airdrops, so always double-check the links.

As always thank you for reading !

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