Yaka Finance Testnet : An Opportunity

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 23 Jun 2024

Those who have been following me for a while may already know that my first article was about Sei Network, an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain that plans to revolutionize scalability with its parallelized transactions technology. Today we are going to look at a project built on Sei.


What is Yaka Finance?

Just like the name suggests, Yaka Finance plans to be a Decentralized Financial protocol (DeFi) on Sei Network. They also aim to launch a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a launchpad for new projects on Sei. They plan to release their token $YAKA in the coming weeks.

Incentivized Testnet and Rewards

Before the token launch, the project has decided to run 2 seasons of incentivized testnet. This means that there is officially an airdrop for participants of the testnet.

1*GgaKXmhsRe65qBerXs5BTQ.png Source : Twitter (X)

Right now, we are in the second season of the testnet campaign. As you can see, 2 million $YAKA will be airdropped to users, representing 1% of the total supply of $YAKA (200 millions).

In this testnet, everything you have to do is easy because you will have the instructions on what to do.


There is also a faucet for testnet $SEI and $YAKA in order to complete your tasks. The campaign will end in 2–4 weeks when the mainnet goes live, according to the team.

Be sure to set your wallet to testnet. If you have any trouble, the team has made a great article explaining how to navigate the testnet. I will put all of the links at the end of this article !

If you have any questions, go to their Discord, they are very responsive.

I will make an article on the tokenomics soon so that you can be prepared for the Token Generation Event (TGE). Feel free to share the testnets that you are farming in the comments.

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