My Bitcoin Price Prediction For The Next Bullrun

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 21 Dec 2023

Hellow everyone ! I’m back !! In today’s article I’m going to share my forecast on the price of bitcoin.

I know this is something most institutions such as Goldman Sachs do, but most of the time it’s market manipulation because those are unrealistic price prediction that are only here to bring more fear of missing out (FOMO).

For instance, just for the fun of it let’s take an exemple, in the beginning of 2022, when the price of bitcoin was around 45k, Goldman Sachs “analysts said that Bitcoin will reach 100k in 2022.

Let’s take a look back at the 2022 performance of Bitcoin :

Source : Tradingview

Yeah… not the best prediction.

My prediction

Bitcoin will hit 150k by the end of 2026 and I’m going to explain why unlike those analysts that throws predictions for the fun of it.

Why 150k ?

First of all beacause it’s the price target of the fibonacci retracement (2.618) :

Source : Tradingview

But you might ask why dit I choose the target of 2.618, it’s beacause in the last bullrun, bitcoin hit the 3.618 mark of the fibonacci retracement :

Source : Tradingview

Each bullrun, the intensity of the uptrend weakens so I believe that we might not go much above the 2.618 mark (but I don’t mind if I’m wrong haha).

So if bictoin hits 150k it would have a marketcap of nearly 2.5 trillions. Right now it is at 850 billion. How the hell can bitcoin can attract 1.7 trillions dollars ? Here is why

Mass adoption

Each year that passes, bitcoin grows :

Source : Glassnode

As you can see, the number of bitcoin wallet that have more than zero BTC is in a clear uptrend including during the bears market. That show’s that adaption is going up no matter the price of Bitcoin.

ETFs applications

In the last few days, the media war around ETF bitcoin comercials has started wth Bitwise, there first publicity for their ETF was publish.

Source : Twitter (X)

Two days later Hashdex replied to it by posting their own commercial :

Source : Twitter (X)

This will continue and will bring more light into the cryptospace, people will want to learn more, not only about bitcoin, but also ethereum and much more.

Conclusion :

I strongly believe that this bullrun could be massive for bitcoin, make sure remember my prediction, it’s gonna be fun to see if I’m right or not.

What about you ? What price do you think bitcoin will hit in the next bullrun ?

As Always thank you for reading !

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Disclaimer : This is not a financial advice, you need to do your own research !

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