Sirwin, The First and Largest Decentralized GPUs and CPUs Network

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 3 Apr 2024

We hear AI everywhere. Every enterprise want to incorpore some AI into their products. But how companies train all those AI models we interact everyday, like Bard and ChatGPT?

They need to use processing power, like processors and graphics cards, a lot of them.

Every companies relies on them to train models and algorithms, access to this resources can be difficult and costly. want to tackle this problematic.

What is ?

  • Upcoming $IO token and utility

What services offer ?

  • IO Cloud
  • IO Explorer
  • IO Worker

How to participate to the Airdrop (Ignition Program) ?

What is ? is a decentralized computing network that allow companies to use clusters of computing ressources to do machine learning calculations for a fraction of the price of centralized services like Google Cloud Platform or AWS.

The project integrate itself in the DePin (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) narrative. The goal is to create a global decentralized network of GPUs all around the world to create a real alternative to Web2 platforms.

People all around the world can contribute to this network by delegating their unused GPUs in exchange of rewards to help other people and companies doing their calculations more efficiently and cheaply.

This is not limited to models trainings, even if they are optimized for machine learning tasks. They are suitable for all GPUs and CPUs use cases.

The project is built on the Solana blockchain and they already raised more than $30 million from multiples ventures like Hack VC, Solana Labs and OKX, and from industry leaders including Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenk and Aptos founders.

They have established partnerships with Render Network and Filecoin, two leading DePIN projects also built on Solana. Render Network is a decentralized network of GPUs, mainly use for 3D rendering. Filecoin, at the other hand is a decentralized storage project. From, we can choose to delegate to those projects as well.

The Upcoming $IO Token and Utility

The project will have a native token called $IO, which will have those purposes :

  • IO Coin will be the primary mode of payment in the IO Ecosystem. It can be used by startups and developers to be able to deploy clusters
  • Workers who delegate GPUs or CPUs can be rewarded in IO Coin when your device is hired and even if it doesn’t !

An airdrop is planned by the team. You can see all details at the end of this article !

Which services offer ? does offer multiple services for users and companies.

1*WtjWXdeBu-J5IIZ9_2gvhQ.jpeg Cloud Cloud is the go to service for every users and companies who want to use ressources for their tasks.

They can deploy and manage on-demand GPU/CPU clusters depend on their needs. They can customize and filter ressources based to diverses factors like the location, brand and even the connectivity tier !

Users can choose the type of clusters, from the basic one to the mega cluster. They also deploy a Kubernetes Cluster and pay for the service with Solana Pay.

The process is very similar compared to other cloud providers like OVH and AWS. offer here a competitive service, powered by compute ressources available everywhere around the globe, very scalable and cost efficient.

The number of CPUs and GPUs keep growing, they are more than +227 000 GPUs and +46 000 CPUs to choose from.

1*vgARPx6F2JAXyBBxKPYC4g.jpeg Explorer

This page list the numbers of CPUs and GPUs available on the network. It also list all devices delegated and the reward that you can pretend if your device is hired per hour.

You can also access some interesting stats like the pressure on the network in real time, the number of devices for each GPU and CPU models. Worker

The worker is the piece of software that allows to use ressources of your device to make it available on the network.

The worker can be used on every device that support, from big GPUs to CPUs like the Apple Silicon.

When the device is connected to the network, it will be ready to accept tasks and will state Idle. When a task is available and the device is used, you will be remunerated in proportion with the time passed on the task. You will be rewarded per hour and you will be able to cashout at a certain amount, in USDC.

The worker is designed to be energy efficient and minimizes the use of resources when the device is not actively processing tasks. This makes it ideal for people to contribute their unused computing power without impacting their device’s performance. Furthermore, the worker ensures that all tasks are securely executed, maintaining the privacy and integrity of the user’s device.

The Worker also comes with a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to easily monitor the status of their device, including the tasks it is currently processing, the total earnings and the network status. All of this ensures that contributing to the network is both profitable and transparent.



BC8.AI is an AI image generation website powered by that allow people to prompt text to generate original images, similar to Dall.E or Midjourney.

By creating an account, you will be greeting with free tokens, to start generating your new profile picture or other images.

There are a lot of options to customize, so let’s your creativity and your prompt talent shine !


How can I participate to the Airdrop ?

The already gave requirements and details about the upcoming airdrop.

There will be multiple airdrops, reward ranking is as follow :

  • Worker Airdrop
  • Discord Tiers Airdrop
  • Galxe Participant Airdrop

Rewards will be distributed for each pool individually.

To participate in the Airdrop, you need to become an active contributor to the network.

The snapshot for all activities will be taken on April 25 and the token generation event ($IO token launch date) will happen on April 28.

Worker Airdrop

This process requires installing the Worker on your device and delegating your unused computing power to the network.

Before installing, verify if your device is supported by If your device isn’t listed, don’t worry, it can be added later. You also have the option to purchase a GPU or CPU off-market, or rent one from cloud providers.

Refer to the official guide to install the worker on the official documentation.

Once your device is connected, you become eligible for rewards from the Airdrop.

Your rewards may vary based on factors such as bandwidth, uptime, device multiplier points, hours of jobs, and the model of your GPU or CPU. For more details about the airdrop program, click here.

Discord Tiers Airdrop

In the Discord, there is a Airdrop Tier system from Airdrop Tier 1 to Airdrop Tier 10. Here is how you can pretend to those roles :

  • Airdrop Tier 1 • Submit your SOL wallet address at ⁠#wallet-submission • Please you’re using wallet providers that support Solana, such as Phantom or Solflare.
  • AirDrop Tier 2 • Make sure to attend our weekly community AMA sessions and interact with the chat bot. • Users holding this role will gain exclusive access to the Tier 2 lounge channel.
  • Airdrop Tier 3AirDrop Tier 10 • Stay active and responsible the in chat , and create quality content on Twitter. • Collaborate with the moderators to find ways you can contribute and increase your Tier level.

Galxe campaigns have launched multiple campaigns on Galxe, for users to participate.

For the majority of them, there is a mecanism to verify the humanity score to avoid bots. You can acquire the Galxe Passport or increase your humanity score to access those campaigns.

To get the Galxe Passport to prove that you are not a robot, you need to pay fees and pass a KYC.

If you don’t want to pass the KYC or pay the fee, you can try to increase your humanity score by participating to other Galxe campaigns.

Conclusion represents a significant step forward in the decentralization of computing resources. By leveraging unused GPUs and CPUs around the world, it provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses needing to perform complex machine learning calculations.

Furthermore, its integration in the Solana ecosystem, partnerships with well-established DePin projects like Render Network and Filecoin, a well experienced team with funding, and the active participation of the community, all contribute to its potential for success in the long run.

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