Can Celestia Go To The Moon ?!

By Astroboy13 | CryptoByte | 17 Feb 2024

Celestia (TIA) made headlines since its airdrop last year. This was amplified due to multiple airdrops for TIA holders, such as Dymention or Altlayer. This led to many people buying Celestia in the hope of getting their hands on a life-changing airdrop.

Celestia Price

All of this exposure made the price of one TIA token skyrocket from $2 in November to an all time high of $21 in a span of 4 months !


Logarithmic perpective

We can clearly note that we are in a strong uptrend, with the price consistently making higher highs in the daily timeframe. However we can see that the trend is slowing, it can be corroalated to the marketcap of Celestia, nearly 3 billion.

1*-ZLPpJnPl5ieDDVTHkYYxg.png Source : Coingecko

The more marketcap a token have the more money have to flow in the token in order for the price to go higher.


Arithmetic perpective

Price Target

On a daily time frame we can indentify key support and resistance levels :


The RSI in a very important zone, we will see a big move soon. It’s a compression that shows indecision and strong selling pressure, but not enough to drag the RSI below its neutrality zone (50).

Price could break the trendline that has been a significant support level, in order to range or go even lower and retest key levels at $14. If the buyors are stongers, we could soon see a new All Time High.

Celestia is in a very important zone, it’s worth keeping an eye on for future entries if we believe in the project.

It’s also important to note that there will be a massive unlock at the end of october that allow early investor to sell their tokens. That event will surely be priced in by the market beforehand.


As always thank you for reading !

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Disclaimer : This is not a financial advice, you need to do your own research !

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