Who will benefit from cryptocurrencies?

By Aristos | cryptobot | 9 Jul 2020

The two categories of investors with increased confidence and the high risk of semi-learning. Because research and analysis are important. The mistake of ... hope and the right strategy in trying for added value.


The waves cracked lazily and a refreshing air brought the gentle saltiness of the sea to my face. With my eyes half closed, I listened to the serenity of the deserted beach, lying down, glazed over by the sunscreen. When I heard the rattle of the pebbles, I slowly raised my black glasses and turned to see who owned the shadow that was approaching me. 

It was the most beautiful I had seen in weeks. Some women overflow with sensuality even if they are wearing a sack. The unknown blonde was undoubtedly in this category. He was only wearing a swimsuit. Bikini. 

"Are you the one I think?"

"For you, I can be who you think I am," I reply with my warmest smile.

"I mean the one who writes about Bitcoin," he responds with less enthusiasm than mine.

"In fact, how can I be useful to you?"

"Have you read this tweet?" he said and displayed a smartphone in front of my eyes, faster than a Las Vegas croupier.  

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In 2015 I sold 800 Bitcoin to buy a house for my family. In 2018 I sold my house and bought 50 Bitcoin. People who think I'm crazy that I sold my house, know that the only thing I regret is that I sold my Bitcoin.

"After all, who's crazy?" the charming invader asked me. "He or I who haven't sold everything to get Bitcoin?"

With my morale up, like my crypto portfolio in early April, I started explaining to her.

"Market speculation is not based on beauty. Not even in the arms. It is a mental and psychological game. Some risks are known, while some appear unexpectedly even in the most well-prepared. Becoming rich and staying rich is not the same thing. But they are both sides of the same coin. They depend on your ability to detect the future.

We find increased confidence in two categories of investors . The beginners who are unaware of the danger and the experienced who have built their confidence through a long period of success. The rest, the vast majority, feel insecure. The ignorant ignore key variables. The semi-learner knows laws and rules, but ignores them arrogantly. It does not apply them systematically, but piecemeal. That is why he sometimes ends up trembling and sometimes treats the markets as demons of the abyss. The initiate is fascinated. He feels awe with harmony, complexity, uncertainty. An agent and at the same time a conscious servant. "


"And I hoped that…"

I motioned for her to stop. When I hear the word hope, as in the phrase "I hope a stock or a cryptocurrency I have bought" starts to rise, in order to get the money I gave to get it to sell, "I shake my head in agreement. Hope is not part of the equation. Don't "hope" for anything . Hope is an emotion. Whoever acts on the basis of emotion never wins in the markets. You do. Hope and prayer are great for religion, but not for cryptocurrencies or the stock market. First of all, it gives the wrong motivation. Work, knowledge and self-discipline will make you win, not hope. 

She raised her eyebrows and held them high, waiting for clarification.

"Think of it as a baby's steps. First you learn to walk and then to run. Beginner micro-investors are like teenagers who take Dad's car in secret before taking classes and driving license. First they apply the muayen, before they even hear about the stop loss . They buy and sell because they learn information and not because they have carefully studied the data. They do not know that discipline is necessary, they do not know that knowledge and emotional control are necessary. They do not understand what capital differentiation means, nor do they know the techniques of managing a position. 

Some do research and analysis every day. They spend endless hours. Is it possible to compete in running with someone who does intensive training every day? Without at least knowing the basics around the title you put your money in, it's like driving with your eyes closed. I don't think anyone has done that and not crashed. I don't even think he has tried it. Because he knows that even if he escapes her the first time, the second or the third time, his fate will betray him. And yet many are doing just that, without even worrying. " 

"So you suggest I not bother?"

"That's not what I said. The crypto space is undoubtedly very exciting. And it gives realistically very good chances of winning . In recent years we have seen many get rich. Unlike the winners of the Greek bank shares or in Forex, who appear with the frequency of the first winner in the Joker, after continuous jackpot. But I have to warn you. To have hope, learn at least the basics before you start. Invest in knowledge. Knowledge distinguishes the investor from the gambler. The successful in the long run. There is no need to rush. Opportunities, especially in cutting-edge technologies, do not end there. "

I didn't like my answer. Maybe he thought it would distract me from getting rich. Like me, I thought I had a good chance of being able to go out at night. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. But not much better ... 


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