TOTAL Crypto Market Cap Reaches $1tn !!! BUY, SELL or HODL ?

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 7 Jan 2021

The TOTAL Crypto Market Cap Reaches $1tn !!! That's right, the market has reached and surpassed $

Will you buy, sell or HODL ?

The question i ask you, is the same question i ask myself !!! If you make the decision to buy or sell if have to work and think like a robot, you shouldn't just follow your heart or instinct, you should buy when it feels exactly like you shouldn’t and you should sell according to your own plan and not when price have to set one goal, one target, one % of profit and stick to it....don't follow the others just because !!! Right now, for me, i am HODLing every sat, every doge, every eth that i buy or make and i can tell you that i'll continue to buy little portions from time to time as part of my strategy of dollar-cost averaging (DCA). For those who don't know, DCA is a strategy of investing where you buy an asset for a fixed amount on a regular schedule regardless of its price. You get more of the asset when the price is lower, and less of it when the price is higher. As a result, instead of taking big short-term bets, you get a fair average price.


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Combined with the DCA strategy i always apply the rule of DIVERSIFICATION that you should know if you consider making investments. Let's take a look what investments are really about:

INVESTMENTS - In order to make a profit, you need to take some risks. Often, a correlation exists between risk and profit. The higher your risk, the higher your profit. However, don’t forget about the downside, high risk also implies big losses. So, you must apply diversification in your crypto portfolio. Stay and read till the end and learn how you can earn free crypto rewards (NFT's, books, products discounts and much more).


DIVERSIFICATION is spreading your risk across different types of investments, the goal being to increase your odds of investment success.

After learning from previous CryptoBlonde posts, your goal is to create a group of investments that exposes your portfolio to as many different areas (different industries, different solutions, different type of coins, etc) as possible which helps to reduce the overall risk of your let´s dive in and see what you should pick for your investments. I challenge you to do your own filter at CoinGecko (check the top crypto coins in Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Gambling, Oracle, etc ).

Top 10 Crypto by Market Capitalization





You should also take a look at the social status of the projects. Having a large and loyal community determines to some extent the success of a project which makes them an attractive investment option.



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