By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 18 Feb 2021

As announced in my first post in 2021, many news and surprises are being prepared for this year of the ox. Since then many giveaways have been made, many collections have been presented, promoted and distributed connecting and celebrating with this awesome family !!!


Since i joined this community, in 18th of August, i've made a commitment to you, share my journey in the world of cryptocurrency adding value to this community. I've spent the last 3 to 4 months exploring and tasting a lot of what the current NFT industry has to offer...and i'm loving it and also a bit addict...I fall asleep and wake up thinking about it :-) :-) :-) So i made a decision on New Year's Eve ... and now i share that desire with you ... taking a necessary step in my creative journey and spending more time engaging and building this i have the courage and with your support we will drive NFTs into the mainstream and I’m happy to be a part of it....what about you? Do you accept this challenge ? I hope so !


So, here it is....CRYPTOBLONDE is now LIVE on WAX - I will make a post explaining and describe the overall concept and plan for my collection but in a few words i can say that most of it will be sold at very low prices that is affordable for everyone with many giveaways for the true fans, you guys !!!




Each NFT is a work of art inspired by the concept of a decentralized community with the aim of promoting power and freedom in the creation and distribution of digital art. The collection will have my own art and co-op with some other artists. 


I have in mind that the #1 mint from common and uncommon rarities should be always sold through everybody have the chance to grab the #1 mint and don't have to stay frustrated by slow speed internet connections, cloud wallet crashing at the same time, different time zones and many others factors that i consider unfair. Leave you opinion or suggestion about it in the comments !


Grab your Low Mint NFTs before it's over #CryptoBlondeNFTs The top 10 WAX accounts holding most assets (#56402 + #56403 + #56404) before February 18 18:00 GMT will receive 1 copy of the unreleased uncommon NFT for FREE.


The auctions for #1 mint are also open

Auction Anonymous in Flames Promo NFT - mint #1 
Auction Anonymous RED - mint #1 
Auction Anonymous GREEN - mint #1
Auction Anonymous BLUE - mint #1



NFT, what is that? What are you talking about ? Are you newbie and never have heard about it ?

Are you new to the world of NFT, don't worry, it's free to join, just get your FREE WAX account at Wax Cloud Wallet with only two simple steps. It's easy, secure, instant and global. After register you should have .wam address. Then you can go to the Market. AtomicHub is at the moment my favorite and leading marketplace when it comes to NFTs. You can buy, TRANSFER TO YOUR FRIENDS, sale or auction your NFT at WAX Market. It's easy to use and interacts directly with your WAX cloud wallet. 


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