Let's GO WILD .... #16-2K21 NFT GIVEAWAY by CryptoBlonde

By CryptoBlonde | CryptoBlonde | 15 Mar 2021

Should i call it WILD, i think so !!! Why ? As you already know CRYPTOBLONDE and SOMETIMESNFTS share the passion of give and offer....but this time this is going off the charts !!! This GIVEAWAY is going to be INSANE and it's gonna be LEGENDARY !!!! 


I will give away 5 LOW MINT and LEGENDARY NFTs with the average price of 200 wax each, that's roughly 250$ dropped just for you !!!




You have until the end of March 19th to complete the following 4 rules for the draw!


Read carefully the rules.... Bearing in mind that this is Legendary NFTs... you HAVE to compete properly !!!

1 - Follow me;

2 - Write down your wax wallet address in the comments below;

3 - You MUST tag at least 5 friends from Publish0x platform in the comments below;

4 - Follow SOMETIMESNFTS on Twitter.



Reminder and warning for the correct execution of all the described rules, only in this way it is possible to continue to support innumerable projects. All of these rules are very simple to follow and with enough time to execute them correctly. After commenting, read your comments again and confirm the execution of all rules. Who fails any rule will be disqualified....these are extremely high value NFTs. Thank you so much !!!


After checking the requirements, i will do a random draw and then announce the lucky winners !!!


Good luck for everyone !!!


While you wait for the draw, don't forget to follow SometimesNFTS on Twitter and also take a look at the secondary market for the NFTs you have missed 





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