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Wha’ be a Skully?

Skullys be a reward-based digital collectibles featurin’ uniquely designed ghost pirate skulls on th’ Ethereum Blockchain. Collect yer fav’rit Skully ‘n embark on a hunt fer th’ loot. Claim or defend th’ doubloons fer th’ lootin’.

The pirate twang that is used on a lot of the website is great, but I’ll stick to English for my review of the game.


Ok, enough about the language, what is the game itself about & why is it on the Blockchain?

Each Skully is a unique ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain, that has an underlying asset ERC20, tied into ERC1155 smart contracts. This is what allows Skullys to hold value and collect real tangible value through the rewarding of POA8 tokens trading on the DOBI Exchange and future to be named exchanges.

These Skullys are used within the game to collect rewards through a Geo-Flagging process in the game. Once a Skully is pinned, you will start to earn PO8 Tokens, which are the native currency in SkullysPO8 is an acronym for Pieces of Eight, otherwise known as the Spanish Dollar. A Piece of Eight was a silver coin minted by the Spanish Empire and was worth Eight Spanish Reales. It is often used in modern culture (novels/films etc) to be associated with Pirates!


A NFT Supported Wallet,such as Metamask, is needed to play Skullys. A new player needs to go to the Skullys.co website and register for an account and then will need to acquire/purchase a Skully, either from the Skullys.co marketplace, or the leading secondary marketplace for digital collectibles: OpenSea. The Skullys have recently been launched on OpenSea, and currently there are 7 OpenSea exclusive Skullys for sale! Once a Skully is owned, the next step is to Geo-Flag your location. So this is the interesting part to me. Using a digital collectible in a game designed to be a location-based experience. Pretty Cool!!


So, how do you Geo-Flag? Currently the game is playable as a browser based game, so in order to “Pin your Jolly Roger to a location”, you’ll need to do it on your Desktop/Laptop using Metamask, or through the supported Ethereum ERC-721 Mobile Wallets, such as Trust Wallet or Enjin. The Mobile Browser option should be the one to use in my opinion as it will allow you to Geo-Flag in various locations.


When a Skully is pinned in a location, it will start to earn PO8 Tokens. The location that a Skully can be pinned must be >800 metres away from the previous location. The PO8 tokens can be used as redeemable tokens in the game for boosters or to unlock special abilities for your Skully. These boosters increase the Stat levels of the Skully making it more desirable and more powerful. Quests will be available (which will be easier to complete with a boosted Skully) to earn more Skullys or PO8. Players will also be able to trade their PO8 Tokens for Ethereum through the DOBI Exchange & other future exchanges.

DOBI Exchange released this Medium article announcing PO8 tokens recently: https://medium.com/dobitrade-exchange/po8-hot-trading-events-on-dobi-exchange-8a4a1e459695


I played Pokemon Go for a while, and it was enjoyable. It got me out of the house, to enjoy the fresh air, and also to meet new people/gamers. I can see a Blockchain game like Skullys to be very popular!

Currently the Skullys can be purchased on the Skullys Website here and on OpenSea. Skullys have also released a promotion for exclusive OpenSea themed Skullys (there will only ever be 8 every created). These are currently all purchasable on the OpenSea platform.


As mentioned above, I think that this game has serious potential and should be fun to play too!!

As always, I’m honest about my reviews. OpenSea approached me to write this review and I was happy to oblige. OpenSea Skullys have gifted me one of the 8 OpenSea exclusive Skullys collectibles. If you want to sign up to the Skullys platform, I’d appreciate it if you use my referral link here https://skullys.co/?ref=FI75SQ (and embedded in this article). For every Skully collectable purchased I’ll receive 5 PO8 tokens.

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