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BetHash is the real cross-chain solution; it is the first decentralized casino that uses blockchain hash as results to guarantee absolute fairness. BetHashsupports ETH, BTC, IOST, TRX, and EOS.

People started to make money in many ways on the internet before blockchain technology. But the development of technology and the spread of cryptocurrency brought different methods. You can actually think of it as a kind of investment, and you can even think of it as interest income. However, the increase in the value of cryptocurrency will mean that both your primary and interest income will increase.

One of the biggest spots that distinguish the Bethash from other casinos is the Dividend awards that it offers. The biggest of these awards is the daily profit that is up to 90% profit share. The transaction which is called Dividend in the stock exchanges is a system whereby you keep your coins in the accounts in the same banks and as a result, you receive a daily profit share. This sometimes is actually a form of residual/passive income such that it’s a kind of sleeping in your bed while you keep your coins in your hands without any effort can get a profit share. The more coins you have in your hand, the more profit that you receive. As in the same Banks, the rate of profit share you receive is increasing if you choose a higher number of days rather than a day, e.g. 15 days.


BetHash is the evolution of EOSHash, which was a novel, decentralized lottery system with a new lottery issued every minute. The founding team has recreated the casino to support a list of coins and tokens that is constantly growing. Not only does BetHash support its founding lottery game, but it also integrates the ever-popular EOS Dice game, with new additions of Baccarat, Jacks or Better, Blackjack, and Slots on the way.



Every user on the BetHash platform is entitled to earn money in a special affiliate program which is summarized below:

1. Up to 15% house edge rebate

2. The $4,000 GiftBox option, if your players play, you are eligible to Level UP as well! As an investor, you have a 1:1 match of their EXP. 7 Rewards in total!

Beyond that, with time, the casino’s players, become the owners as the house edge will be paid back to token holders. And, the tokens are given for free to players. Sometimes, crypto valued at over $5,000 is being distributed to token holders, that’s just 1 day for instance.

So as to support more than just EOS and EOS tokens, the BetHash platform utilizes a unique system that is friendly to the everyday player. Rather than requiring users to download Scatter (the MetaMask of EOS) and then create an EOS account, users are given the option to create an e-mail enabled account on the platform. Once they deposit the equivalent of $2 in any Crypto, BetHash synchronizes an EOS account with the user’s e-mail enabled profile.


BetHash uses the EOS transaction hashes even for the Dice Game, and this ensures the protocol remains provably fair. The Dice Game and its results are straight-forward.

  • A player chooses a number in which he/she must roll less than. For example, if a player chooses 50, to win, he/she must roll less than 50.
  • The number that the dice will roll is derived from the 2 last numbers (double digit) in the EOS hash that was generated at the time of the roll.

BetHash distributes the vast portion of its revenue to token holders and thousands of dollars in Crypto are given for free to the community, daily.

The community rewards function as such:

  • Each time a player bets the equivalent of 10 USDT in any Crypto or token, he/she is given HPOINTs for free.
  • HPOINTs can be used for various purposes, including purchasing HASH tokens. HASH tokens are staked to get platform dividends.

Simply by playing on the platform, every user is rewarded with loyalty points called HPOINTs. These loyalty points can be used to make bets, participate in a decentralized jackpot, or buy HASH tokens. The number of HASH tokens is limited; thus, the platform makes a natural Crypto loyalty reward for its early users/supporters.



The adaptability of the BetHash platform enables outsiders to make their games on blockchain at a very relatively low-cost. What’s more, having your games on the blockchain is the best thing that can happen to your gaming profession. Nobody actually wants to be cheated; hence realizing that your game is on the blockchain using the extraordinary features of straightforwardness trust and complete decency gives you an edge over the current traditional gaming platforms. All can only be possible with the services offered by BetHash.


Key in now into the BetHash project to safeguard your funds in a unique and welcoming environment, discover promising new technologies and ask or give advice in a community focused on creating a bright future for everyone! Become part of the BetHash community and be one of its token holders now that the price is still very cheap to afford for everyone.

Be Part of This Revolution of BetHash and you will be glad you did as the HASH tokens will drive a passive Crypto income for as long as the platform lives!

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