Another milestone for BSC - Pancakeswap surpasses Uniswap in TVL

By MartinTheStrider | CRYPTObites | 20 Apr 2021

It has been some time ago, when Ethereum was the synonym of DeFi. However the things are changing and due to extremely high fees and slow transactions the defi world on ETH has been reduced to whale playground still with the highest TVL, while the retail investors have fled to other blockchains, particularly Binance Smart Chain (BSC) enjoying incomparably lower fees and faster transactions. BSC has surpassed ETH in number of transactions as well as number of users already some time ago, however the TVL in BSC defi space is still lower than in ETH, but BSC is catching up rapidly.




Similarly it was just a question of time when the leading DEX and AMM of BSC Pancakeswap will surpass the leading DEX and AMM of ETH Uniswap not only in number and volume of transactions as well as number of users (which happened already in February this year), but also in Total Value Locked TVL. Just recently this has become the reality, Both according to and coinmarket.cap the Pancakeswap has become the biggest DEX and AMM in the whole crypto world, replacing Uniswap in the No.1. position it held until recently.




Congratulations Pancakeswap, congratulations BSC. Keep the good work going on. Crypto should not be about emotions but about reasoning, your practical and user-friendly approach made this possible. I personally expect this is going to be another positive impulse for both Cake and BNB coin. And I am buying more of both, as it seems that nobody noticed this milestone yet, even not in Pancakeswap itself. Or maybe they don't care ;-)





Take care and watch your crypto!



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