Mars Metaverse, Mining App, And Referral Code

By thecharliebrown | | 26 Dec 2021

Mars Company is in the process of creating a Mars Metaverse. They are starting with a mining app that requires a referral code or early special access. If you need a Mars Mining App referral code, use cryptobite and join our team. Through December 31st, they are also offering a 50% increase in mining rewards.

The metaverse market is currently sitting at USD 100 billion and is expected to increase to USD 1.5 trillion by 2030.

How Mars Mining App Works

The Mars Mining App is available on Apple and Google Play. You will need to download the app and enter a referral code to get started. As I mentioned previously, we set up a cryptobite referral code to get in early. Just type it in and go.

Mars Company has allotted 1 Billion coins for the mining process. Once these are gone, mining is over.

the mars metaverse

Using The Mars Mining App

After you sign up and enter the referral code, you will receive 2 MRST.

Currently, Mars has only released the basic mining app, so the current use is simple. You have a car that rides around mars automatically mining for 8 hrs. You can see the remaining mining time on the battery indicator. After 8 hrs, your vehicle will recharge before continuing to mine.

In future updates, you will be able to choose between 4 battery sizes (8 hrs, 12 hrs, 16 hours, and 24 hrs). There will also be minigames available to increase daily mining rewards.

Mining for MRST does not use your phone for the mining operation. By logging in to the app on your phone, you will start the mining process that is carried out using the AWS cloud server.

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About The Mars Metaverse

What Blockchain Will The Mars Use?

The Mars Metaverse started on the Ethereum blockchain. On November 25th, Mars Company sent out an article that the blockchain used to operate the metaverse changed to Polygon. The change was to make the metaverse without the high gas fees so more people could participate.

What Will Be Available On The Mars Metaverse?

  • Earn MRST in the Metaverse.
  • The ability to purchase user created items and play minigames.
  • Purchase land and assets in The Mars Metaverse.
  • Construct buildings and earn rent.

The metaverse is new and still under development. I am interested to see how the future will progress. The good thing is if you are reading this, you are early. Early makes the most profit if you are looking for investment. It also carries the highest risk.

The Mars Metaverse Conclusion

I can’t wait to see where this metaverse leads. Some information needs to be cleared up on the project website, which is expected of a new project like this. I can’t pass up the opportunity to pick up the free MRST through mining while I wait on the release of the entire metaverse project.

I will update as new information is available. Share your experience or favorite metaverse project in the comments.

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