USwapFX Airdrop (Estimated $800)

By CryptoBigPicture | CryptoBigPicture | 22 Oct 2020

uSwapFX is an exciting new DeFi project

Will be the first cross-chain ERC-20 and TRC-20 Platform with up to 50x leverage.
uSwapFX is combining best in class smart contract technology with the largest,
most liquid, and most traded product in crypto.
uSwapFX will be like Uniswap / Justswap but on steroids. Now it is hard to get x100 on a coin, with our platform every coin will moon.

Obtain uSwapFX tokens by way of this easy airdrop:

  1. Visit the airdropbot on Telegram and follow instructions.

  2. Provide ERC-20 address.

For more easy airdrops visit ( on Telegram

other exciting airdrops:

HappyFarmer: visit: airdropbot
dEarn: visit airdropbot
Ecofi : visit airdropbot
eSwap: visit bot on telegram
UniDark: visit Telegrambot
Xenon: visit airdropbot

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