Scam Airdrops Be Careful!!

By CryptoBigPicture | CryptoBigPicture | 22 Oct 2020

One of the Airdrops I have registered for appears to be a scam. Why do I think that?

I got this message after registering:

WATCH OUT! This one could be a scam since I got this message after registering for the airdrop:

"Xenon Token Airdrop:
Dear Xenonians,
Celebrating 25k members!!!

Hi , You have Won 5 ETH for receive send 0.05ETH to validated your gift and receive your reward.

ETH: (click to copy)

You will immediately received your winning Ethereums to your deposited address!!!!
Why you need to send 0.05? Because its for gas fee we using high gas fee for faster transaction and easily received your reward!!!

#lastcall for the winners!! "

So, please watch out when taking part in these airdrops.

Current active airdrops (Not aware that any of theses are scams - but be careful):

dEarn: visit [airdropbot](
Ecofi : visit [airdropbot](
eSwap: visit [bot on telegram](
UniDark: visit [Telegrambot](
HappyFarmer: visit [airdropbot](

Again be carefull, don't sent money!


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