BTCPOP Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Loans and FREE COINS!

By cryptobigg | cryptobigg | 8 Apr 2020

This site is a get way to acquire FREE CRYPTO ASSETS that can be staked {BEAN , PIVX etc...)

This site offers a huge selection of faucets for PoS coins, claimable every 30 minutes. Once you claim you coins they will automatically stake in their staking pool.

There is lots of opportunities to earn extra crypto there as well! Whether you like staking or lending BTC offers a great hybrid between both with some added features. 

BTCPOP - P2P Lending platform - Staking Faucet

Sign up on BTCpop !

Here are some great highlights on BTCpop!

- Offers faucets that pay daily and are instant withdraw.

-Each claim is 30 min. (ex: for BEAN you'll get 1.06bean x30 min)

*Multiple COINs are able to be withdrawn after 1 claim  (BEAN, RDD, ALLSAFE,XP...) 

SOME require a few more... (MONK, PIVX...) 

-Every faucet claim you redeem is automatically staked on BTCpop (gets bigger until withdraw while low % extra bonus)

-Another great feature of BTCpop is their Peer to Peer lending program.

+There is no kyc required ;)

If you love Proof of Stake coins and the passive income opportunity they provide, register here:

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