You never realised what is the weakest link to your crypto wallets?

By beachbummer | CryptoBeach | 1 Sep 2019

Ask any crypto enthusiast what they have done to protect their cryptocurrency wallets and they will probably tell you something like the following:

  • Use a hardware wallet.
  • Use paper wallets.
  • Make sure you do your crypto stuff on one PC and your daily computer use on another PC
  • Use complicated passwords for your wallets
  • Etc.

Then now you should click here to read an article.

While the story is quite gruesome, the part you should pay attention to is this sentence: "His associates, however, found out about the deception and beat the man to death to get the Bitcoin wallet password from of him."

Despite all the protections that you put in place for your crypto holdings, the weakest link and the easiest way is you. Despite all the clever encryption schemes and protection that you put in place, if someone can just beat the crap out of you to get you to divulge how to access your wallet, it is still game over. I suppose Vitalik Buterin should have a good security team in place because it does not seem plausible that he can defend himself ably in the face of physical threat.

So what should you do? Make sure you spend a life away from work and your PC to get into good shape and better health. Maybe learn a bit of self defence if possible. While you may not be able to defend yourself against a direct threat from thugs, at least you will not look like an easy mark and may make the bad guys decide to pick on someone easier to deal with.

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