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Easy crypto access for 164M people!

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LINE app is a popular messaging app that has 81M users in Japan and 164M users worldwide. In a press release on Tuesday (17th September), LINE announced that they launched their new cryptocurrency exchange, BitMax, which can be easily accessed throug...

Using Google Maps to solve a cold case

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A man by the name of William Moldt disappeared 22 years ago one night and no one knew what happened to him. Until now. Apparently an ex-resident of Wellington, Florida was using Google Earth to check out the neighbourhood when he noticed what seemed...

One Big Danger of Hard Forks

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When a cryptocurrency has a hard fork, it means that the blockchain has split into two. The original cryptocurrency still recognises the original blockchain while the new cryptocurrency has deviated into its own blockchain. What this can also mean is...

Share, Earn and get Arrested?

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In an effort to make more efficient use of resources, the world has started to move towards sharing resources. There were attempts to share things such as bicycles, cars, basketballs, umbrellas, etc.! There have also been projects in the crypto space...

Move away from USDT

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USDT (USD Tether) has been appearing in the news a lot in the recent months, and most of the news has been negative. A lot of doubt has been cast on whether the USDT is fully backed by USDs. Tether, the organisation managing USDT has fudged their sta...

By 2024, your altcoin bag might be worthless!

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So says Peter Brandt, as he mentioned in a tweet that he expects altcoins other than LTC and ETH to be gone 5 years from now (note: BTC is not an altcoin). Taking today's snapshot at CoinMarketCap, there are 2351 coins, which means that by 2024 we mi...

How to create your own multimillion dollar coin (for fun)

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Do note that this article is just for entertainment purposes and to give you the ego boost of owning a multimillion dollar coin in terms of market capitalisation (market cap). You will first need to pick a platform for creating your coin. For cheap p...

For crypto, it's all about the money!

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Altruism and idealism can only get you so far. In the end, there are still bills to pay and lives to live. This is the harsh reality of life that some cryptocurrency projects are facing, one of them being the high profile BTC Lightning Network (LN)....

You never realised what is the weakest link to your crypto wallets?

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Ask any crypto enthusiast what they have done to protect their cryptocurrency wallets and they will probably tell you something like the following: Use a hardware wallet. Use paper wallets. Make sure you do your crypto stuff on one PC and your daily...

Only 48 countries in the world can mine cryptocurrencies profitably

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Disclaimer: This is based on current prices and retail electricity prices worldwide as of March 2019. It is also based on the default settings of and does not take into consideration any mining optimisations or special pricing arrangem...