Razor Network Meme Competition

Razor Meme Contest — Are you game! #RazorMemeWars

By cryptobaba | cryptobaba | 22 Apr 2021

Razor Network Oracle - Meme Competition

If you are reading this, you are a true Razor supporter and a believer. The following 10 days will help us find the gems that have stayed with us for months but haven’t got the opportunity to showcase their creative juices.

💥Brace yourself! Razor Meme Contest is here 💥

It could not get easier!

10 Days, 10 Winners, $1000 in Reward

  • 10 best memes across the next 10 days will be selected based on engagement, creativity, and talent and eligible for the $1000 reward pool to be shared among 10 winners.
  • Submissions will be based on a Twitter post and google form given below to help us with your contact details and meme link.
  • Results will be announced within a week after 1st May 2021.

🌈Follow these steps to participate:

📌Create a Meme about Razor, and let those creative juices flow!

📌Post it from your Twitter handle, and brag it as you like.

📌Tag @razor_network and use #RazorMemeWars

📌Tag your buddies, as many as you want, and if they comment, you already won our hearts.

📌Follow us on Telegram for results!

⏱Hurry, submissions start on ‘22nd April 2021, 11 AM UTC’ to ‘1st May 2021, 11 AM UTC.’

☑️Once you’ve posted your memes, submit the links in this form👉



Please note:

⭕️ The final list of winners will be announced through Razor Network’s Telegram Official and Announcement Channel at the end of 10 days. Rewards in $Razor will be sent to the ERC wallet address of winners collected through this form (link). Each winner will get $100 worth of Razor for Top 10 memes.

⭕ Top 10 memes will be rewarded $100 each (only 1 submission per user)

⭕️ Duplicate profiles and new profiles won’t be entertained.

⭕️ Following Razor Network on Twitter and Telegram is a must!

⭕️ Meme Submissions are accepted in the form of Static Images, Videos, GIFs, or any Digital Art.

⭕️ Follow the above steps and complete the Google form as soon as you share it!

⭕️ Your meme must be original. Plagiarized Memes will not be considered for awards.

⭕️ Winners will be selected at the final discretion of the Razor Network Team, and utmost transparency will be maintained.

May the best Women & Men win!


About Razor Network

Razor Network is a decentralized Oracle network, which provides secure and reliable real-world data feeds for various blockchain based applications and services, such as Decentralized Finance, Identity, Insurance, Prediction Markets, and so on. Razor’s performance is superior and more secure than traditional centralized oracle services, as Razor relies on a network of Validators for verifying data authenticity and ensures maximum game theoretical security. Moreover, Razor is blockchain agnostic, and can be easily integrated by developers working on a range of blockchain networks.

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