Nitro Network aka Nucleus vision Genesis node holders will earn rewards for next 50 years

Nitro Network (formerly Nucleus Vision) Announces Community Incentive of Billions of Tokens to Build Incentives for Private Communication Networks

By cryptobaba | cryptobaba | 27 Oct 2021

Nitro Network is the new avatar of Nucleus Vision 2.0 and has rebranded itself to align with its agenda of launching the IoT alternative to cellular networks. The decentralized, private telecom networks are the future and will unlock a 3 trillion market opportunity.

Nitro Network's recent partnership with Avalanche fuels the aggressive growth strategies the company has set for itself. With enhanced scalability, optimized TPSs offered by Avalanche, AVAX will support Nitro Network with marketing assistance to its community.

With its sights set on unlocking a 3 trillion dollar market opportunity in the decentralized telecom private network, Nitro Network has initiated its miner sign up program. It's ION Devices will soon flood the market and create a demand amongst users in building a robust private communication network powered by the community.

Nitro Network's new token economics model is one of the most incentivizing in the blockchain space. The token distribution is divided into 3 major buckets (i) Infrastructure (ii) Data network (iii) Team and NCash holders

Becoming a miner on the NCash network is loaded with incentives and is the way forward for miners to realize their millionaire dreams. It's a heyday for miners as they can earn limitlessly from the network - whenever miners transfer data or build the network infrastructure they get incentivized. In fact, miners will receive majority of incentives for their active participation in building infrastructure.

Nitro's incentive strategy also has major incentives for current NCash holders under its Genesis Node incentive program. Genesis nodes will be distributed as inflationary tokens for the next 50 years. It keeps getting better. An emphatic way to show appreciation to its long term NCash holders! There's more. If current NCash holders choose to stake their token for the next 3 months, they will be incentivized for their effort with an APR of 150%.

On the Nitro network everybody wins. Liquidity providers and validators can have their share of the pie and are handsomely incentivized as well. Stakers earn an APR of 90% for the first year and 6% thereafter on a continuum basis. Those who participate in liquidity will receive will 100% APR for first year.

This well-conceived token incentive strategy has been a result of 8 years of collaborations with partners for product development which has been translated to an optimized incentive program for miners on the Nitro network. The revised token economics and distribution model will be announced soon on our official channels. Stay tuned.

With a well-formulated token economics strategy, Nitro Network is on its way of becoming the most incentivized network among its peers.


About Nitro Network (formerly Nucleus Vision)

At Nitro Network we are building a world of private communication networks powered by IoT together with LoRaWAN/3G/4G and 5G. This hyperconnected world is the IoT alternative to cellular networks unlocking a $3 trillion market opportunity. We believe our decentralized private telecom networks is a gamechanger built on a blockchain with our proprietary token NCash at the core that drives utility and value from unlimited use cases. We are creating an inclusive ecosystem incentivizing users to own, operate and earn from the private networks of the future.

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