Sirwin withdrawals stalling out from 10 days

By CryptoGem | CryptoAuthor News | 25 Oct 2020


As we can read here, one of the top CEX (Centralized EXchange), "temporarily" suspended withdrawals from Oct. 16.

After 10 days no precise information was released by the company, that accounted the suspension to one of their private key holders, who "is currently cooperating with a public security bureau in investigations". Moreover company is "out of touch" with the holder.

Suspension news impacted the Okex market, that saw a temporarily dump on most pairs, BTC/USDT also temporarily dropped to $11,280 just after the announcement.

OKB/USDT pair was the most suffering, loosing almost 30% in few hours and at the moment doesn't seem to revert the trend:


"The other side of the coin" was, for example, the UNI/USDT pair temporarily earning 10%:

The story went further the case and DEXs (Decentralized EXchange) supporters took the opportunity to underline how something like this problem couldn't happen on a DEX like UNISwap:

Moreover, the "OKEx Exclusive $500 ETH Giveaway on Publish0X", after one week from the end, doesn't seem to have rewarded the participants and no updates have been released.

Debate goes on, even if is trying to reassure its users

We will see how this story ends.

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