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By Sirt33 | CryptoApp | 11 Jun 2020


Good morning, team,

Today I'm going to talk to you about Sorare!

Sorare is a fantasy football game... but What kind? Let's make it simple and short:

- Cards are published with the effigy of football players (Sorare has the exploitation rights currently on Juventus, Atletico de Madrid, OL, FC Valencia, LOSC, FC Porto, FCNA, Lazio, AS ROMA, lokomotiv, spartak, the whole JPL and many others!!!). New team Gimnasia la planta and another new club from tomorrow!

- every week there is a tournament in which you have to line up 5 cards (one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one attacker and a fifth outfield player of your choice)

- the tournament is modelled on real football days.

- at the end of the day, your players' performances are accumulated and allow you to claim a reward if you reach a threshold or if you simply end up on the podium.

1. Sorare is a game based on a blockchain (today LOOM, tomorrow Ethereum) / It's good to know it but.... it doesn't matter for the game!

2. To buy cards on Sorare, you can use your credit card or use digital currency (like tokens) we call ETH.

3. To sell cards on Sorare, you'll need a wallet to store your ETH tokens and that's why we talk about a wallet (with these ETH, you'll be able to buy back Sorare cards, or turn them into euros, or buy other cards/objects using this same digital currency).

4. NFT means "non-fungible tokens" / in short, not to go into details (which you can find on the web), it allows you to be the real owner of the cards you buy / these cards, once edited, are no longer modifiable. If tomorrow Sorare would close its doors, you are still in possession of your cards because they are "registered" in the blockchain (this will be true when Sorare has completely switched to Ethereum but it doesn't matter) which means that you can sell them on another site than Sorare (for example,

Here is a link to a video where a player discusses with the game developer :

A lot of help for your problems will be found in the Discord channel which is very responsive! Really a plus I advise you to join it to have precious advices on the game ! And I also commit myself to do my best to help you because it's not so easy to start in this game except if you arrive with 10 Eth ^^


To register I leave you my link of sponsorship which will allow each of us to win a Rare card!

Personally I sold my 0.06 Eth ( 12.66E ) sponsorship card which helped me to complete my team but you can as well keep it if it can be useful in yours !

The conditions to win each one our sponsorship card are the following ones:

- click on the link here :

- fill this form : (your manager nickname, then referee, then my manager nickname sirt)
- we will both win a rare card if, and only if, you put together a team of 5 rare cards!

If needed, feel free to contact me via discord or in the comments here I could give you some advice!

Once registered by my link contact me in any case via Discord or here in comments so that I activate the sponsorship process ;)

Last little Tips, someone has developed a database on the game which is really a gold mine !

I leave you the link right here ;)

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Here i will tell you about different apps and websites to mining some of crypto , All is free and different, i will do my best to translate you all in English because i'm French but let me know if there is a problem in one of my article, Thank you to read me.

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