Remunerative Podometer! Why not ?

By Sirt33 | CryptoApp | 19 May 2020


Hi everybody,


I'm going to tell you about various pedometer applications that pay you!

There are a lot of them! Many are scams but some really work!

I'm only going to tell you about the ones that really pay you.

First of all, what is the concrete purpose of these applications?

Simply to locate and walk! Plus there are a few videos a day to earn a little more!

So I've kept 3 pedometer applications for you:


* The first one is called Sweatcoin,

How it works: on this one you just have to register and locate so that the application detects your number of steps, there are also daily exercises to gain a few more pieces and 3 videos.

Payment: you can get rewards on various offers, help foundations or by being patient you can get a very big gift like a weekend at Disneyland all inclusive in the 5* park hotel.

here is the link :



The second one's called Winwalk,

How it works: It's exactly the same principle, in this one there are in addition to the surveys to fill out if you want to win more coins, it also has videos to watch to try to win gift cards.

Payment : Various gift cards (Amazon, Netflix, Google Play etc..) in exchange for your coins.

Here is the link :



The third one is called Weward,

How it works : This one is a little different, you have to think about validating your steps every day so that the application counts them and pays you, there are 2 videos to watch every day to earn a little more.

Payment : Directly on your bank account once the required minimum is reached or various gifts to offer!
For this one no link you just have to download it in your store the application is called Weward, on the other hand I put you a code to fill once the application is installed to enjoy a bonus directly!

Code : BSF3-OEqmK


That's it for the three applications, don't hesitate to tell me if you want more informations ;)
and also know that a pedometer application that will pay in Satoshi is coming soon ! The application is called sMiles but it's still under development, I'll keep you informed as soon as it's released!

As usual thank you for reading me and don't hesitate to follow me to make sure you don't miss anything about the reward applications.


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Here i will tell you about different apps and websites to mining some of crypto , All is free and different, i will do my best to translate you all in English because i'm French but let me know if there is a problem in one of my article, Thank you to read me.

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