Oops.. I tip it again !

By Sirt33 | CryptoApp | 29 May 2020

little reference to the song ;)


Hi all,

Did you know that?

You can Tips an article only twice then it's impossible! Moreover there is a limit between each Tips for the same author !
I realized all this when I wanted Tips again an article by our famous Igor ^^

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Publishox team for all the work they do to always bring us the best content and rewards that are partly provided by their own means!

I would also like to thank you for giving everyone the chance to write articles, which can motivate more people to share their experience in the crypto world! More articles also gives more new opportunities for some people for my part I learn every day here and make interesting discoveries ;)

So keep on having fun and to the whole Publishox community thank you :)

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Here i will tell you about different apps and websites to mining some of crypto , All is free and different, i will do my best to translate you all in English because i'm French but let me know if there is a problem in one of my article, Thank you to read me.

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