The CBDC movement : Christine Lagarde have fear that cryptocurrencies can destroy Central Banks

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 29 Sep 2022



Cryptocurrencies are helping the decentralization of the economy, this is good, and bad at the same time.

It's good because we finally have anonymity to transfer our funds without the governments seeing what we are doing, because for what reason someone needs to know what are we doing?

On the other hand, this is bad because can destroy weak economies like Latin American countries, and African countries trying to create crisis after crisis turning these poor countries into total chaos with the end of stability.

In this article, you will understand if Christine Lagarde(she is the president of the European Central Bank) is right or wrong, and in the comments below you can share your opinion after reading this article.


What is this all about?


Governments around the world are not worried about how much cryptocurrencies are risky to the economies, but they are worried about how the majority of people can control their own money without regulation, and how is possible to create a financial system without any control at all.


More about the CBDC movement:


People are trying to sell a bad image about cryptocurrencies(especially WEF, and SEC) but in reality, Bitcoin doesn't have any new problems.

All the problems that Bitcoin has all the other fiat currencies already had.

The addition is that Bitcoin through Blockchain technology can't be ruled by the governments.

Unfortunately, the Bitcoin revolution is impossible to be stopped, as long as this new crisis is running in the world people will start to invest in cryptocurrencies as a defense against inflation.




We don't need to worry about CBDC because they are born already dead without any reason to survive.

People don't need another coin to be ruled as Dollar Currency, Euro, and other fiat currencies they need a way to survive against authoritarian institutions that are all the time trying to control people's money.

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