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One of the best coins available to OKX is TAMADOGE.

The cryptocurrency is available in the ''Play-to-earn'' game where you can build your source of income  through the Tamadoge tokens.


How to earn TAMADOGE?


You can earn your tokens through the official game(but you will need to store some Ethereum fractions in your wallet), and you can deposit some USDT, and trade in OKX.


Be careful!


If you evaluate TAMADOGE in Token sniffer, you will see the following data:

Score: 5

  • It's a honeypot;


  • Don't have a mint function;


  • And the founder don't have the ownership renounced.


  • Etc.


Use your time not only to invest your money but to study this memecoin and be careful.


Observation: Use your time to check other websites this same token, and/or other tokens.




We need to take a good time to study the technical details behind TAMA, and other coins/tokens instead of using the time to buy low, and sell high during this bear market.

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