Remitano RENEC Token (Review)

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 22 Sep 2022


What is RENEC?



Remitano Network Coin has its official token named: RENEC. RENEC it's a new token; for this reason, it doesn't have much popularity beyond Remitano Network Coin. Still, you can mine this token through the application available in Google Playstore(please avoid all the people saying that it is possible to mine this token through other ways).

The purpose of RENEC is to give each holder the possibility of faster transactions(if you have used Lightning Network, this token has the same velocity), smart contract, low fees, and other benefits.

RENEC offers for each buyer & holder:

  • More security;
  • Faster transactions;
  • More freedom and privacy;
  • And much more!

How to mine RENEC?


More and more people are interested in earning some cryptocurrencies for many methods: Investments, the Faucet process, and mining.

If you follow the instructions below, you will see how simple it is to mine the RENEC tokens and earn a good amount of money.

The first thing you will need to do is search for the tab below in your mobile application.


How to earn more RENEC?



I'm writing this topic to help you increase your earnings with the RENEC token.

After reading and following the instructions below, you will see how simple it is to earn a good amount of money with this token.

The first step to earning more RENEC is elementary:

After inviting a friend or a parent, you can earn 20% of a RENEC commission after each of your invited friends has mined successfully.

Suppose you want a common strategy to earn some amount of money with Remitano Network. In that case, you need to buy some Bitcoins and hold for December(many investors are predicting more than 100K to December of the year for Bitcoin if you want to diversify your portfolio; another good option is Ethereum).



What Does The Future Hold For RENEC?



We are living with many technological devices, Exchanges, and tokens today.  

There are many options, all of them are good in general, but of course, every exchange, token, and cryptocurrency has its pros and cons.  I’ve used plenty, but the main ones right now are RENEC and PointPay.

If you are interested in earning a good amount of money with RENEC, you probably need to study with trusted websites, such as Netcoins(‘’blog section’’) and Cointelegraph. 

The future of RENEC will probably be perfect because the ‘’mining community’’ is rising daily through many Reddit communities(r/BitcoinBeginners, r/SatoshiStreetBets, r/BitcoinMining, r/cryptomining, r/MiningRig, etc.). 

Everybody is interested in earning a good amount of money through the mining process.

How many RENEC are there going to be?




Everybody in the world can get some excellent benefits from the RENEC token, even if you live in emerging countries.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain technology increases to save many people from political crises.

The impact of RENEC is just the consequence of the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the market today.


What sets RENEC apart from the competition?


One good positive point from RENEC to other tokens and Remitano Network Coin from other Exchanges is their impact on many developing countries like African countries today. 

Many of these countries don't have any bank accounts, and bringing technological devices like cryptocurrencies for these countries can suit every native person of the specific country. 

The political crisis in African countries makes many African citizens not trust their banking institutions or policies to deposit their money due to severe corruption in many African countries that unfortunately still exists.




  • If I’m from China can I invest in this token?



No, unfortunately, the Chinese government has banned all cryptocurrencies from the country.

China’s government is waging an all-out war against bitcoin and other digital currencies, banning fundraising through initial currency offers and shutting down all digital currency exchanges on the continent.

Two of China’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, OKCoin and Huobi, released statements on Friday night saying they would end all trading between bitcoin and yuan by Oct. 31.

A day earlier, BTC China, a Shanghai-based cryptocurrency exchange, said it would stop trading on Sept. 30.



  • Is the application available for Mac users?



No, only people using Android phones can download the application.

However, if you have Bluestacks on your computer you can download it in the same way without any problem(search for the latest version of Bluestacks to do it).



  • Stablecoins are better than buying RENEC?


Of course not, stablecoins have only good benefits from the following topics:


1. Strong currency: We need to remember that many people live in countries where the local currency is weaker than the dollar, either because of inflation or limitations on transactions imposed by the government. Stablecoin, in this case, functions merely as a virtual dollar.  


  1. Stalled balance: 

Let’s imagine a scenario where the customer chose to sell their Bitcoin but does not want to leave the amount stagnant in the exchange or transfer it to their bank account. 

Stablecoin is an excellent option, as it brings the possibility of self-custody.  


  1. Transfer between exchanges: 

The transfer of values ​​between businesses has always been possible in the case of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


However, RENEC is evolving the scenario of  Exchanges with low fees;  if you want to withdraw your Tether USDT using the Ethereum network(ERC-20) will cost 24 USDT, with RENEC the prices are low, and the transactions are faster.


  • I can buy some Bitcoins through Remitano Network Coin?



Yes, you can!

Bitcoin has increased enough to develop new technologies like Bitcoin Cash(faster than Bitcoin) and Bitcoin gold(you can choose if you want to invest through this stablecoin or Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter, Bitcoin will be the new gold in the same way).

Owning Bitcoin can be the best investment you have made in your entire life because of three significant steps:


1-Security: It’s tough to steal your cryptocurrencies, even for hackers, because the hacker will need to find your private keys, and this is nothing simple to do.

2-Anonymity: With this modern technology, you can become rich, and anonymity is a giant fusion, right?

Now you can earn a lot without having to be famous(only if you want it).

3-Change the world: The evolution is rising with cryptocurrencies through an enormous diversity of fields, from new Dapps(decentralized applications) to Nft, new cryptocurrencies, and everything related to it.


No matter who you are, or where you are from, the best option for this year is Bitcoin.

It would help if you thought of Bitcoin as a bar of gold, and used all of your cash in this currency because in the future, probably this will be the global currency available in many countries.

Yes, you can invest in other cryptocurrencies; you need to ask yourself: ‘’Do these cryptocurrencies have any future?’’

Probably not, digital marketing is helping the adoption of this cryptocurrency for many beginners investors worldwide.

I know the price is volatile, but you will positively impact your Exchange account, changing your perspective about Bitcoin as a new gold.

The best digital coin to invest in this year is Bitcoin; for this reason, don’t spend your time reading about new coins, game coins, and anything like that; only Bitcoin will rise a lot in the future with global adoption.

However, You need to choose the right side of your life:

Do you want to be like a serious investor, or do you want to make quick money without perspective? It’s up to you!



RENEC or Remitano Network Coin is here to bring many benefits mentioned in this article.

However, through your first earnings, you will need to be careful; many scammers and hackers can steal your fake money-making promises, but with a strong ‘’crypto-knowledge,’’ you will perceive what is true for what is fake.

RENEC is helping more and more people worldwide. 

Now we can change the perspective of investing in fiat currency stocks to build an extensive portfolio through cryptocurrencies.

The importance of the cryptocurrency world will rise through many different niches, like Movies, games, and documentaries, and in the future, very close to us will be the new global currency.

If you are a beginner in this field, you only need to understand your goals and how much time you are available to spend in understanding some basic concepts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Forget social media accounts, and spend a big-time reading new resources available for free on the internet about Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin; you will see in the following months how a good evolution you will have.


Accepting RENEC is not only good for you but for everybody around the world to evolve in each nation’s economy.

Now we can help each other and other nations without our physical presence; this will reshape how charity can be made shortly, impacting Earth’s whole planet.

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