North Korea vs South Korea - Blockchain technology is helping South Korea economy!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 1 Sep 2022


After Samsung officially launched the date of his/her Exchange in South Korea, most people think that Bitcoin will be adopted in South Korea and how Blockchain technology can help them.


Some benefits of South Korea to adopt Bitcoin:


  • Running away from inflation; 
  • Use P2P people to help some North Korean refugees to learn about financial investments; 
  • If North Korea invaded South Korea, their citizens can use blockchain and P2P transactions to help their military forces; 
  • Impossible for North Koreans to hack their system;
  • If North Korea shares some viruses or anything like the last virus, all the citizens in South Korea can use Bitcoin to create a good side income; 
  • Bitcoin means a new payment method, and a new way to make a business this means more new companies interested in investing in South Korea;
  • Goods & services at low cost(when bear market).


Recovering their economy with digital assets:


I don't want to share bad news dear reader but the threat named North Korea is very real for South Korea;

If the North Korean government tries to imitate Russia and invade South Korea(I hope this never happens, of course) all the citizens in South Korea can use Bitcoin, and/or other cryptocurrencies to receive international payments we know that this works because Ukraine does the same thing by their official Twitter account(but unfortunately other people have created fake tokens, and fake Twitter profiles to steal people's money using the Ukraine situation) asking for payments in Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin as a new subject in the music industry to Kpop songs:


Not many people like to hear Kpop, and some people never heard about this music style before I write about it right now;

Bitcoin can be a new subject to Kpop songs being more famous and by a consequence creating a new source of income for new song lyrics, singers, and etc.




Bitcoin is helping many people fighting against this global crisis, and can help the South Korea too, by creating new jobs, and diversification in Koreans investment portfolios adding a new official currency for a country that is not stable enough to win the battle against the inflation if something goes bad.

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