Neymar is helping Bitcoin adoption!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 30 Sep 2022



One of the best spaces to have a cryptocurrency adoption is football.

Many football teams are using cryptocurrency as a new way to receive payments, and increase the marketing campaign to attract more football fans.

In this article you will understand how Neymar can help the Bitcoin adoption, and cryptocurrency/NFTs adoption.


How Neymar is helping blockchain technology adoption?


After buying two NFTs from the famous collection, named: Bored Ape Yacht Club, the increasement of Google research related to blockchain technology, and NFTs has increased a lot.

Both of them are costing more than $600.000 and this have being very good for the price chart of the token.


Do I need to invest in one token only because Neymar is investing?


No, you don't have to.

You can use different crypto tools to analyze and detect if the token is good enough to invest your funds into this NFT/cryptocurrency, and/or token.

Good examples are: Token Sniffer, BSC Check, and many others.


Be inspired by Neymar example!


Even if you don't like how Neymar is playing football, or any other team he already joined you need to accept that he(like Elon Musk) is a true winner in this lifestory, he born and raise in a poor place and even when all the odds are against him he decided to play football, and being one of the best players alive at the moment.

You can use this example to buy the DIP during this bear market, and never give it up for your dreams.




There's no better place to insert cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology than football.

You can buy a Real Madrid Token, and sell when the team is winning the championship and create a good souce of income in that way.

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