Justice is here: Binance needs to send cryptocurrencies to investor!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 16 Sep 2022



As the title is saying Binance needs to help one investor to recover his/her money because he/she have been stolen his/her phone.

We need to always take care in using our phones, or other technological tools on the street to avoid these problems.

Let's check here what has happened!


What has happened?


The Argentina version of Binance was judged to send back all the cryptocurrencies that one investor has attacked to a gangsta, he has 2.3 Bitcoins lost in this situation.

The information was shared in Diary of Justice in the last few days, with the decision to the client.

The case is just one more against Binance Exchange, but it's very symbolic because the investor has lost a good amount of money.


What was his/her portfolio?


  • Binance: 0,21553


  • Celo:  31254,732


  • Shiba Inu:  2,30931369


  • CCKB: 23.160.696,2


  • Bitcoin: 20,99913127


  • Ethereum: 7,03331033


  • Litecoin: 20,68498


  • ChainLink: 602,5818


  • Enjin Coin: 110,01025072


  • Cardano: 1.20987896


  • Solana: 15.972,11


  • VeChain: 962,61293518


  • Polygon: 18,4214


  • Cosmos: 18,4214


This is just another situation to make sure that we're using Hardware wallets to hold our coins, and Exchanges to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies/NFTs never the opposite situation.




We always take safe our coins in these Hardware wallets.

At the moment is impossible to store NFTs in Hardware wallets, but in the future, it will be very possible to many investors around the world to take some good advantages by investing their money in NFTs and storing in some Hardware wallets.

Take careful!



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