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By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 8 Sep 2022

Introduction decentralized platform that allows users to earn Bitcoin Cash by tips) has published its official platform, named: Noise. app

I'm sharing with you my opinion about this platform/recent update.


What's new with Noise. app?


As mentioned above, Noise. app is an updated version(still in the early beta stage) which allows users to engage, and monetization(this last one was not updated yet), the real difference between and Noise. cash is that you can't make posts/comments if you don't sign up through one invite link.

I think is a good idea to join this platform, since after this platform is already published not many people will possible to join that because the old version will be deleted permanently.


What do I think about this change?


I think it was not necessarily one change at the moment, since the market is trying to understand if the ''The Merge'' will help the other altcoins or not.

It was not a good idea to me share this updated version at the moment.



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