Jack Dorsey will help emergent countries!

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Everybody knows how important are stablecoins to people l

TBD(Bitcoin company of Jack Dorsey) together with Circle Internet Finance(foundation of USDC) is helping investors from all over the world to make international payments and to increase their savings account with stablecoins pegged in american dollar currency.

In this article you will understand about this topic!


What's all about?


''The american dollar is the reserve currency today, and we think Bitcoin could be the reserve currency of the future. Stablecoins are the road between each one of them'', says Emily Chiu, director of TBD to CoinDesk.

TBD is a developed plataform with open source that has been worked with a Exchange, named: TBDex.

TBD wants to develop a new internet layer decentralized, named: Web 5, which allows people being owner of their data and interact to each other without third parties involved.


USDC is destroying Inflation!


The value of many coins printed bby the government is falling down in relation to dollar currency, and because of the higher inflation around the world people are finding in stablecoins a new way to survive during this inflation, especially in poor countries like Brazil, Argentina, and many others.

The partnership between TBD, and Circle is used to create a new base to people access stablecoins as a global investments, their developers are builidng a new infrasctructure and  new providers to crypto wallets could be connected to protocol with open code.

This includes the building of networks on-and-off-ramps between traditional coins printed by the government, and digital currencies based on the blockchain.

The USDC from Circle, is the second largest stablecoin with more than US$49 billion in circulation, who have many benefits to being the bridge between international payments, the focus today is US - Mexico to attract more clients and bringing more money to the company.




Try to invest your money into different currencies to get much more money in this way.

Other good options are: Pax Gold(PAXG), Bitcoin, and different stablecoins to face this inflation in a good manner.


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