Is Squirrel DAO the best memecoin ever? 

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You can buy everything you wish with Squirell DAO, using your financial profits and effective tactics.

Holding your HAZEL tokens is the best option for your success!

After constantly analyzing their price charts and the high percentage of APY, I realized that Squirrel DAO is the new gem of the cryptocurrency universe.


Its mission is to build a community-owned protocol for decentralized reserve currency with the governance token named: Squirrel DAO.

As it's a recent ohm fork project we can't put all our money into it yet, by going calmly we'll be able to get excellent results with this type of investment and a significant return per year.

The project has a promising future and holding your tokens will be the path to your freedom, with its technological innovations.


What are the names of the several squirrels in our kingdom?


The Squirrel Kingdom is a tight-knit community where everyone collaborates and has fun. Although the positions change as our community grows, many of them may be identified as follows:


  • Imperial Squirrel: Watch out for Imperial Squirells when they’re in the area. 

The core team, which includes the founders, is involved in planning and frequently visits the community to reward it.

  • Squirrel of law enforcement: A member of the core group that works behind the scenes to ensure the kingdom's bright future.


  • Squirrels elite guard: Moderators and community managers who assist the core staff.


  • Squirrels wl: Squirrels have been whitelisted and have already secured their spot in IDO.


  • Lucky Squirrel: Some of the kingdom's first squirrels were fortunate in some way. 

Although not yet whitelisted, $HAZEL will be sent out as an airdrop.


  • Squirrel artist: Some ingenious squirrels assisting the community with the design, but keep in mind that the artwork and icons in our kingdom are all one-of-a-kind!


  • Space Squirrel: Squirrels who helped the kingdom's server, with potential prizes if they stay active and aid the community.


  • Squirrel blessing: King squirrel noticed them and blessed them for being active; they are being observed.

  • Kingdom Colonist: Just like blessed squirrels they are also chosen as hard-working colonists.


  • Squirrels: Everyone is a squirrel here!

Verified: Squirrels are now labeled as verified on entry: We implemented bot prevention, and squirrels are now tagged as verified on entry.

What is the best way to WL?


There are several options, and all hardworking, helpful, and active squirrels will be rewarded with a guaranteed spot on the whitelist for the future IDO. 

We're very early in the game, so here are some simple methods to earn WL:  

  • Stay active and serve the community; you'll be noticed and rewarded. This excludes spamming in order to raise your level.
  • Keep an eye on #914120249102729217 and get involved in the ongoing activities (e.g., memes, suggestions, Twitter contests).
  • Imperial Squirrels are frequently seen, and they like playing. Simply follow the rules and play the game to be whitelisted.

When will IDO and launch take place?


IDO is set to launch in the first quarter of 2022, potentially around February. 

The launch of Binance Smart Chain will take place immediately after the IDO (BSC).

How to invest and earn staking rewards?

Yes, I know you've seen APY and are interested in investing in this project.

You will have to buy HAZEL Token(if you cannot find any good Exchange to do that, don't worry, you will find an extensive list of these Exchanges available on Coingecko), good examples of these Exchanges are eToro and AAX.


Remember: It is not a financial recommendation; participate in your preferred Exchanges utilizing your analytical reasoning.

What about the terms "token" and "contract"?


The money in our kingdom will be $HAZEL, and it will continue to increase. 

More information, including a whitepaper, will be released soon. 

Before IDO, the contract will be audited.


Observation: Please bear in mind that we are still developing our kingdom, and the above FAQs will be updated/changed as we go. 

Please submit any queries or suggestions through the appropriate methods, and we will do our best to respond or include them. 

Good luck with your nut hunting!

What Squirrel DAO is offering?


  • Treasury Revenue: Bond sales and LP fees boost Squirrel's Treasury revenue, assist lock in cash, and keep HAZEL supply under control.


  • Treasury Growth: Squirrel's Treasury Balance is increased, and outstanding HAZEL tokens are backed, although staking APY is regulated.


  • Staking Rewards: Compounds yields in a treasury-backed memecoin with intrinsic value.

Is Squirrel DAO the next Bitcoin in terms of successful financial transactions?


No one believed in Bitcoin at first; many investors said it was a pointless project, and many investors said it was a financial pyramid; however, here we are in 2021, and the price is always increasing (where are these investors who said that? ), and the same is likely to happen with Squirell DAO.

Of course, you might be thinking: ''The project is very recent we should wait and see if it really has a future, and if it's something strong'', that's true, however, don't wait so long that you miss a great one APY opportunity.

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