Halloween is here on Rollercoin!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 21 Oct 2022



During 31rd October, we celebrate the Halloween here, and all the countries around the world.

It's a special day to share chocolates, and dress as a ghost only to say to our neighbors: ''Trick or treat?''

In this article we will understand how Rollercoin is bringing a new phase during this event, because the Halloween is here!


What's happening in Rollercoin?


Like all the other years, we are closing to Halloween, and during times like this Rollercoin shares special events to celebrate in this special moment.

The design is simple, and very intuitive dedicated to players buying new parts, miners with a cheap price in this moment.

Save some RollerTokens to buy new miners during this event, and increase your Hashpower to mine more coins/tokens.

Don't forget to invite your friends, and family to Rollercoin game!


What do I think about Halloween, and Rollercoin?


I don't like much Halloween because is a date that seems to me full of dark forces, and bad energies.

But I really love Rollercoin!

I love the game because differently than other games we can mine multiple coins at the same time, and reinvest our money to buy new miners, and increase our hashpower.

In this event, we can solve different daily activities to get a better miner, and because we are celebrating marketplace the possibilities are the best ever to sell and get much more money(but at the moment you can only sell for RLT, they said it will be available new coins to earn with Marketplace).




Like all the other Rollercoin events, it's a possibility to increase our hashpower and get much more money with that.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this article in the comments below, happy Halloween for you!

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