Grumpy Cat, It's time to purr!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 13 May 2023

 The manager of the Grumpy Cat page also joined in the conversation to caution the audience that it was a fraudulent scheme, but unfortunately, he was ejected from the chat before he could finish his warning.

Having spent seven years holding Grumpy Cat in his arms and traveling the world with her, the manager tries to keep her spirit alive for the thousands of fans, making it distressing for him to see people being ripped off by scams like this.

In his words, it is disrespectful to Grumpy Cat's legacy to allow fraudulent coins like this to deceive people and swindle their money.

This fact had already been brought to light by the manager of Grumpy Cat shortly before he was kicked out of the Twitter Spaces.

He warned that the people promoting the coin were those who held a large percentage of the supply in their wallets, hence the interest in pumping up the token before dumping it on the market - a typical practice of pump and dump schemes that dominate the crypto market.

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