Dogecoin price analysis #1: Are you bullish?

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 3 Nov 2022




So basically this is a video dedicated to Dogecoin, and if it’s worth buying some Dogecoins during this bear market.

Elon Musk bought Twitter a few days ago, and now he is making a partnership with Binance Exchange to make financial transactions using DOGE to Twitter.

After posting a Tweet about Floki(Shiba pet of Elon Musk), the price of Dogecoin has made a pump during this post but nobody knows the future of Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.


Freedom over Censorship:


Some people say this is a good way to prevent censorship, and make a good future for Dogecoin, with the increase of the value price.

But are they right? I mean, if people need to spend their own money to post tweets on Twitter using Dogecoin as a payment method, maybe they switch to a free social media platform instead of using Twitter. What are your thoughts?

I hope Elon Musk makes noise on Twitter. Cash works because it will be simpler to understand an example of a Web 3 social media platform that allows users to tip one another using Bitcoin Cash. However, in the Twitter situation, Dogecoin may be used in place of Bitcoin Cash.


DOGE + Twitter:


Interested in this integration? Because I'm not too pleased with this DOGE integration with Elon Musk!

If People with other thoughts can create Twitter posts about their ideology only by paying a small fraction of $8 as soon as we can see we will notice a good increasement of people trying to hack other groups of people only with the purpose of creating their own ‘’free speech’’ to talk about their ideology, and talking about free-will.


Elon Musk is winning!


Is this good for Elon Musk? Of course, it is because only him will make thousands of dollars with this smart movement!

Is this good for people’s money? Probably not, because they will need to sell their DOGE only to use Twitter verification, but if we think on another hand we will see bad people with money to use on Twitter

And after this Doge payment, what’s next? If we take a look at all the other governments around the world, people are looking for new ways to make money online, and the government too!


Central Bank Digital Currencies are the best option here!

Governments are creating CBDC’s only to make it less accessible to ordinary people making thousands of dollars with a stablecoin, and people will need to use this stupid coin as digital dollar, or digital euro to make financial transactions.



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