Crypto regulation: Yes, Biden is wrong one more time!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 17 Sep 2022



Unfortunately one of the most powerful countries in the world has elected one president without knowledge related to cryptocurrencies and how are good for humanity.

In this article, you will see what this fake president is doing and why the US don't need other ''Joe Biden'' in the presidency anymore.


Why Joe Biden is wrong related to crypto regulation?


In the ''work at home'' world we don't need crypto regulation, 

Politicians need to quit his/her bubble and start doing the following actions:


  • Financial education at school provides crypto resources that we can trust;


  • Adopting new coins/tokens in supermarkets, shopping, and other locations to avoid the loss of buying power of our fiat currencies;


  • Helping the poor people by mining coins, and starting to create other side income and earning money in different ways;


  • Stop increasing the inflation(PLEASE FED READ THIS PART MULTIPLE TIMES!);


  • I hope the politicians don't make more division to make the bear market much worse than really is today;


  • Politicians need to use their influence to share good crypto knowledge instead of instigating the angry among people around the world.


What Joe Biden has done?


Unfortunately, this president has shared good information related to digital dollars but without action.

It's always bad to read about politicians saying positive things, however people are losing their jobs, and losing their faith in the institutions, and this is the unique reason why people believe in Bitcoin because the digital gold has the following characteristics that politicians don't have:


  • Anonymity;


  • Impossible to hack(or at least very hard);


  • Changing different countries around the world; 


  • Cheaper fees during a bear market; 


  • Empower people to do their own research before investing;


  • Share knowledge about good crypto tools such as BSC Check, Is this Coin a Scam, KyberSwap, and Token Sniffer.


Biden doesn't have to stop listening to WEF, but he needs to start listening to investors, and how people are really thinking to use their money during this new financial system.


Please Biden try to learn with other US presidents about crypto:


Most of the time, other American leaders have used their knowledge to get people interested in new technologies(especially Web 3).

I'm not the biggest fan of Donald Trump but he was one of the leaders that are very interested in crypto(but he needs to take care with ''Trumpcoin'', and other tokens that are possible to create a good side income for the people.




Each politician in any part of the world, creates a cyclical need-to-need relationship between the taxpayer and the specific leader, which results in individuals constantly calling firefighters, politicians, and other authorities to fix problems.
However, the time has passed, and the issues still exist. Please respond in the comments by answering the question, "Are the authorities doing anything?"
Because of this, new options have always emerged for survival, and Bitcoin is one of them. This allows the state to continue to issue its own currency.

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