Bitcoin influence in China!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 21 Oct 2022



One of the biggest countries around the world is China, and it's a very polemic one too.

Why polemic? Some people says it's a closed country with capitalist economy, while people still believes chinese people are suffering with the communism in their country.

And like all the other countries around the world Bitcoin is influencing the financial chinese market, helping people with this ongoing inflation, and to earn much more money with that.


Digital Yuan vs Bitcoin


Digital Yuan is one of the biggest rivals in China to Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Using Digital Yuan could be good to China, to rule and manipulate the financial market.

They are a communism country but they have some capitalist characteristcs to avoid people  getting rich, and the dictature being destroyed.

A good strategy(while Bitcoin is free in this country), is buying Bitcoin and use the profits to increase your income, and get more money in your wallet.


BRICS, and Bitcoin together?


While Russia is suffering different sanctions to EU(European Union), and US(United States) because of Ukraine invasion.

In this moment, many people is expecting that BRICS is trying to release a new digital currency to help Russia, and to avoid the worldwide inflation.

Bitcoin is one of the best coins to help BRICS to dethrone the dollar currency as the strongest coin in the world.

Maybe the addition of the Dubai can help global investors look at BRICS as a new opportunity to increase their portfolio, and build their wealth with this new coin.




There's nothing better than the world we are living today.

Because we can make good amount of money using different strategies to earn money.




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