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Even if the odds are against you, you don't have to give it up on your cryptocurrency investment;

I know that sometimes everything is going down, I know that sometimes you decide to use a lot of money to invest in one meme coin without any chance to win, I think we are humans we always make mistakes.

But this doesn't mean that you have to give it up to follow your dreams and decisions.


Why reason I'm saying that?


There is much volatility(and FOMO) in the cryptocurrency/financial market regarding the worldwide situation;

We need to keep calm, and invest your money in the following areas during a bear market;

  • Trading Courses: To get rich during the bull market;
  • Stablecoins: To get more stability;
  • Bitcoin: The best cryptocurrency at the moment, remember: Buy low, and sell high;
  • Ethereum: If you don't like the cryptocurrency situation, and is waiting for the merge so Ethereum is a good coin to add in your portfolio;

Patience, the desired profit will take some time to appear in your portfolio, build your cryptocurrency investments always analyzing the price chart available at CoinMarketCap.


Elon Musk's example:


Even for a billionaire as Elon Musk, things were harder in the beginning;

When he started the Tesla cars industry some journalists started to say that it was impossible for him to win, and get good profits.

You don't have to give it up on your dreams!




We need to always take some good strategies by reading great books, and some articles about cryptocurrencies.

What if Elon Musk have give it up in the first opportunity? Maybe we don't have PayPal, Tesla, and other industries.

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