Banano lessons from Discord community + Some Faucets!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 10 Jan 2023



If you already read my last article you will understand that I had been interested in the memecoin, named: Banano.

People are really excited about the project, and I can feel this energy through Reddit posts, and Discord engagement.

Not only that, but we can make some good memes, and in this article I will show you the lessons I learned with Discord community + some faucets which you can use daily to earn some Bananos.

Also, don't forget to help the Banano community by mining some Bananos with , with this website you can help the science to improve their medical researc and get some profits too!


What was my experience joining Banano Discord Community?


I really love all the people on Banano Discord Group, why?

Because I love how people make such funny memes, and stay interacting to each other without losing the thoughts on the conversation.

People are really using their knowledge to share with beginners, and helping all of them to invest in Banano.

And the best thing in this Discord universe is that you can be from any part in the world that you will be accepted as a ''monkey''.


Additional note: Monkey is how Banano investors call each other on the Discord group, and other social media channels.

Always study all the slangs in the project you are interested before investing a good amount of money from your wallet.


Here is your Faucet list


I'm accepting Banano donations:



Thanks for reading!

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