Apple: Scammers steal cryptocurrencies using Tim Cook image

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 10 Sep 2022



During the ''Far Out'' Livestream event cyber criminals have stolen many cryptocurrencies using Tim Cook and Apple images.

In this article, you will understand how they do that, and what are the possibilities to avoid internet scammers and digital gangsters.


What has happened?


During a Livestream of Apple made on Youtube, criminals used a fake interview with Tim Cook(CNN, 2008) to steal people's money through blockchain.

Some banners have used the fake title: ''Apple is buying a good amount of Bitcoin fractions'' to get's viral.


The viral trend used as a manipulation tool:


Unfortunately, we can't prevent these things to happen in our reality but we can understand a few things about how a viral trend can be used as a manipulation tool to avoid falling with these scammers:


  • A viral trend is always used together with a polemic thumbnail to cause fear and other negative emotions;


  • It's always something to divide people between each other and instigate people's curiosity;


  • A viral video normally contains much fake news, and viral cryptocurrency videos contain information that sounds too good to be true;


  • Don't trust video titles that are saying about famous people doing airdrops: THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS AND FAKE VIDEOS;


  • If a video sounds too good to be true this video has a 100% of chances to be fake; do your own research before investing in anything.


How scammers have made a fake video?


The video entitled: '' Apple event at live: Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple & Metaverse in 2022'' it's full of frauds and fake details, including a fake interview of Tim Cook at CNN with manipulated data to hide the real information.

The streamer have added the Bitcoin logotype, and Ethereum logotype to seems he is a person people can trust.

Unfortunately, the scammers have good SEO knowledge, and they got many new subscribers and many viewers at the same time.




The only thing that I can say that is 100% true in the crypto industry is: ''Do your own research''.

Don't trust in celebrities saying that a token will explode in the last couple of months(feel free to trust in all of them and lose your money, I'm not your father to tell you what you have to do).

Remember to HODL, it's based on the misspelling of ''Hold'' this is an essential principle: ''Don't sell when the cryptocurrency prices are down, hold to sell when the bull market returns''.


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