A new digital currency: Nucoin

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 20 Oct 2022



One the best digital banks named: Nubank is releasing their own official digital currency, Nucoin using Polygon Network.

In this article, you will understand more about this new digital currency, and how this coin can help your financial freedom.


What's Nucoin?


Like I said before, Nucoin is the official digital currency of Nubank(one of the largest digital banks in Latin America), used by many users worldwide. 

This is a big surprise for brazilian investors, because many people was thinking that Nubank was losing money during this recession, but they are stronger than before with this digital currency, named: Nucoin.

Last time, I research the data price of Nubank shares I saw that is falling down, however the coin is one of the best achievements for the Fintech.

Nucoin is starting during a good time, because a few months ago Nubank have supported Bitcoin, and Ethereum for all the users of their digital bank.

Polygon is a good Ethereum killer, the low fees existing in Polygon Blockchain makes everything better to Nucoin future, bringing this digital currency something that global investors can trust.


Is this a good opportunity to invest my money?


Be careful because we are in a bear market, this means that we need some patience to grow our investments before getting rich.

The time is your allie in this bear market, buy the DIP and enjoy your future.

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