A new coin added to Betfury: BabySwap!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 3 Sep 2022



Together with ETC(Ethereum Classic is a big opponent of Bitcoin Cash but related to the Ethereum network), BabySwap has been added to the Betfury platform.

In this article, you will see how does it work the earning process!


Get BabySwap coins with your Free Crypto Boxes!


One of the best opportunities for this bear market is getting free cryptocurrencies through faucets, and things like that, any possibility to earn a good amount of money is welcome in this scenario.

Now you can claim your BabySwap coins in the ''Free Crypto Boxes'' option available at the Betfury platform, 


How to earn money with BabySwap?


Use this faucet system to create a semi-passive income to you, and get much more money with this new coin added on Betfury;

Basically, you can withdraw your money to any software wallet(I'm not sure if this coin is available in the Hardware wallet, feel free to share if this is possible or not in the comments sections), and store (and wait for the next bull market to sell all your coins), or try to sell when the price goes up to get more Betfury token and earning much more money with the Staking Rewards.




Well, the first thing that I need to say(this is my first and last advice I can give you) is> ''Don't sell when the price goes up, instead HODL'' 

We are in a bear market so the price is too much volatile in this scenario, however at the same time this is the best opportunity to buy your desired coins and create a new profit to you.

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