2 ways to earn free crypto during this bear market!

By Crypto4you23 | Cryptoanswers22 | 2 Sep 2022


Is your portfolio bleeding during this bear market?

Don't worry you're not the only one.

For this reason, I'm sharing with you some good choices to build your cryptocurrency portfolio thinking in the following ways:


First investment strategy: Faucets


Did you ever hear about faucets? It's one of the most simple ways to earn free Dogecoins, Satoshis, and/or other cryptocurrencies.

The process is simple and funny you only have to sign up in one FireFaucet account by providing your email/password and start watching some videos, solving short offerwalls, and other daily tasks to get your desired coin/token.


Second investment strategy: Airdrops


With the airdrops, you only have to participate in some contests, quizzes, and other tasks in new cryptocurrencies/NFTs, and get some fractions of the coin/token/NFT.

The idea is to store this web 3.0 project in your wallet, and sell it when the price goes up!

Don't make the mistake to participate in fake projects. always remember to follow my ideas here in Publish0x when I'm always writing about platforms to check if the coin/token is true or not.



There are many ways to build your portfolio by earning free cryptocurrencies and getting paid by solving daily tansks.

These strategies mentioned here are my favorite ones, feel free to use other strategies to create your side income. Happy day to you!

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