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The 4 Best Free Crypto Faucets

By Great Developer | Crypto And Pi | 25 Jan 2021


I am sure that anyone that is reading this post wants to know how they can make some easy money in bitcoin. Well I am the one here to tell you that it is possible but a but slow.

Faucets that I recommend

As a experienced bitcoin user I can easily tell you the 4 best crypto faucets. I think that one of the best faucets is It offers one of the highest paying bitcoin faucets and it is completely free. The site also offers some gambling to try and double that bitcoin that you get, but be careful as you can lose everything that you earn.

The second best bitcoin faucet is BetFury. It offers a bitcoin faucet that gives you 10 satoshi every 30-60 minutes. The site is mainly a gambling site but it is a pretty decent faucet since you can refer to get 35% commissions.

The third is It offers you a faucet that can pay you from 6-1,200,000 satoshi. It also offers a referral system that gives you 25% commissions for life. It is also a gpt site where you can do offers to earn even more.

The last is Faucet Crypto. It is a multi currency faucet that you can claim every 30 minutes. It is really cool as it has a level system where you can level up to get better benefits and it also has a ptc ad option. It pays around 20 satoshi and it also has an achievement system. It has a referral system where you can get more money from your friends. You need 550 to withdraw.

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