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How to make bitcoin online fast and easy without investment(w/free gift cards)

By Crypto And Pi | Crypto And Pi | 13 Mar 2021

Hey So you guys are probably wanting to get your hands onto some free bitcoin without any investments right? well even if you are willing to invest than you should probably learn this method of getting loads of free bitcoin for very little work.


Now there are 3 sites that we are going to need to use and I will list those below, but these sites do require a sign up and you should be able to handle that. All you need to do is enter a few details such as email name password, you know basic sign up stuff. Then you verify your email which takes like 5 seconds. And boom now you are ready to start making free bitcoin out of thin air. I do have to say though these sites are not entirely built around crypto so if you want to get a gift card then you can do that too.

Getting Ready

Okay now we are actually signing up for the sites that we need in order to make bitcoin for free. The sign ups should take no longer than 2 minutes and they are the biggest step to making lots of free bitcoin.

Now probably one of the best of sites out there is a GPT site called Prize Rebel. I have been using this site for a while and I have made hundreds of dollars from this site. And to prove to you guys how easy it is, I made a new account today so you can see how much I earn in a week, month, year. Click the link below to sign up. It has payed me $130

Prize Rebel

Now the second way to make bitcoin online is to use this site called Bucksify. Now bucksify is the 2nd place site because it does not have the abilities of insta GC which by the way the name is literal, it withdraws instantly, anyway bucksify has way less ways to earn you earn less and its just all around a good site to use but its not the best of the best. It has lots of good features that insta gc does not have though such as a level system and quest system.

Sign up Here

Bucksify Dasboard


Now the last site you cant get bitcoin at but you can get several giftcards, paypal cash and checks. This site is probably one of my last because it has a huge minimum withdrawal of $30 and you barely get even 30 cents from most tasks. I currently have $10 but that took me a week. But the reason I recommend this site is because of how good it is. It has several ways to earn and it has so many features coming to it all the time. I recommend you sign up for this site too just to make sure you are getting a lot of money out of your time. This site is called inbox dollars.

Sign Up Here

Inbox Dollars Giftcards


Also it would be great if some of you guys could visit my website.

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Crypto And Pi
Crypto And Pi

Go check out stormgain. Great crypto exchange site and they have a crypto cloudminer.

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