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4 Ways To Be Constantly Improving Your Code

By Great Developer | Crypto And Pi | 9 Dec 2021

Not much of world’s population is made up of programmers. In fact, only 22.1% of the population are programmers. This might make you think, “How is that possible? How can there be so little programmers but so many programs and apps?,” well at least it got me thinking. If there are so little programmers what could 1 programmer do to make their code be like a team of 100 programmers. There are 4 simple ways to easily improve your code.

1. Stay Organized

There is no way to describe how important keeping your code in an organized manner is. The organization of your code will give you a much more readable piece of software and it will also be a lot easier to fix bugs and or improve performance. Not only will it be easier to read but it will also be easier to spot out something that seems of or unwanted. When you have more organized code people are more willing to pitch in some ideas too because they will be able to understand what is going on and be able to help if they want to.

Keeping your code organized will also improve the development of your program because it will be easier to find things to edit, add, remove, change, etc. I am not just talking about the code but also the files and the directory’s because that will also help you out when you are trying to find a script that is external that you need to link to your current script.

2. Read Documentation

I know that reading documentation may not be the funnest thing to do but it can really help you out with a problem or struggle. Say you are trying to connect to a database for say Mongo DB, you are not going to know how to do it instantly by heart. You need to learn how to use the SDK and how to integrate it into your code for your program to work. It also really helps you out when you need help with something for say a tutorial, in our case, on how to connect to Mongo DB and read and write data to it.

3. Stack Overflow

This may sound ridiculous, but it is not. Stack overflow is a site where people can share information on software and programs of all kinds, and you can also ask a question about a problem that you have and get an answer speedy fast. It may also seem like people do not know what they are doing there but plenty of people out there that got their jobs on stack overflow.

4. Tools

Using simple tools to help your code is another fantastic way to improve your code. The tools that are out there can help you find and solve bugs, organize, script, lower lines of code for better performance, etc. Tools are also another wonderful way to find some code library’s that you may have never heard of before. For example, the site replit they have a smart code ide which I consider a tool that helped me out and I discovered jQuery and I accessed a whole new level of programming.

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