Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto adds an awesome affiliate feature!!!

By Jreck | Cryptoanalysisadept | 12 Mar 2023

How are you guys?


I have got some interesting news.  On one of my recent posts, I suggested you guys to try out if you want a side hustle. People earn more than $7 on average per day and cash out options range widely and all of them are pretty amazing. is GPT site. The website has more than 5 million monthly visits. That is nothing to sneeze at. 

I started using this website in Jan and I have been completing tasks only on weekends and I have made more than $12. I know, 2 months and just $12. My engagement activity is low and if you guys have a lot of free time which us folks don't have, can easily make $100 a month. 

Don't agree with me, try out for yourselves. All I am trying to say is try something that is genuine and actually pays. 

If you guys are looking for a bonus join through this link and get $0.2 bonus and withdrawals start from $0.25. one more thing, you have to make $2 before you withdraw your bonus. 

You can also withdraw your cash to different games for skins and paid stuff. Also, Netflix Spotify and roblox membership cards. 

I will put a screenshot proof of my earnings. 


Now, about the new affiliate feature. The affiliate rate can be increased upto 35%. Though that can be reached only if your referrals have $100k total earnings and $12k past month earnings. You start off as 5% and I am one of those too. It adds on 1% as on you referral earnings reach $500 upto 10%. There are no requirements but after that there are some criteria that you have to meet to enjoy benefits. 

That is all guys and don't forget to try out the website and enjoy a side hustle. 

All of you guys, stay healthy and keep looking for an opportunity. Bitcoin is doing bad but I still believe in its potential for growth. If you guys did listen to my advice in the previous article to invest in access protocol, lucky you! It exploded with a 100% increase and I certainly enjoyed the profits. 

I am going to look for some projects and upload a new article for some new investment opportunities, so stay tuned, not for long though!


J reck





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