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By Cryptoamateur | Cryptoamateur | 1 Nov 2021 is a Bitcoin Cash-based microblogging platform similar to Twitter that offers its users (authors and readers) the opportunity to earn Bitcoin Cash with tips. Similar to other social media platforms, allows users to post text and images as well as like, comment and post (renoise) with the optional bitcoin cash (BCH) messaging function.019a63039440c2d5df7b52f86dfc51ddff0659ce5159666cc3b29ca6044ec658.jpg

Since its launch, has attracted many users around the world and the platform continues to evolve. The life of began on December 1, 2020 with the alpha version of the platform.It lacked many of the features that we can use today, including the ability to change your profile picture, add a bio to your profile, upload image files, notifications about updates to subscribers and when someone interacts with your content, the ability to view your user profile, cameras and many other features that have been gradually introduced to improve the user experience. is still a new and newly created platform that deserves more attention and recognition due to the unique things that make themselves dominant. After trying, you will understand what a social media platform really is. You may have culture shock in the early days, but things go smoothly when you get the perfect mix between you and the platform.

It is very easy to get started with

Visit the site and click the Get Started tab to begin registration.Enter your details in the form and click the "Register" button to continue. You will need to confirm your email address, read and agree to the site rules. Once registration is complete, you simply add your BCH wallet address to the wallet section of your profile tab so that your BCH reward received goes straight to your wallet like In addition, some features of the site, such as subscription recommendations, will not be available to you after registration, this is not a cause for concern. Just be proactive and they will eventually help you. d7d822fb89160cb62fc41f23df0bd6c4cb5353d29469d97d22e4898037e5112f.jpg

Being anonymous, it can give you the privacy you deserved. It can give you the option to not to show who really you are. The choices are all yours either you want to expose the real you or use another identity. Just make sure to use your unique and own usernames and chosen avatar. Just don't use other's people pictures and names that could be a illegal act. didn't need all your full information in able to join the community. Unlike the other platform, they need to gather your full information for you to be a valid user and that's the big problem faced by many users in other social networks. Just like how Attack Experienced by Facebook The Exposed The Information Of Almost 50 Million Users.

Upon joing these kind of social networks, all of your personal information is included (full names, phone numbers, addresses, emails and many more). Facebook has currently 2.8 billion active uses every month according to statista. Even Facebook is offering a secured system, not that means the your information is 100% safe from attacks and any possible breaches.

Earn: Your Efforts Are Paid   eea952a55855174c291fb60758a473bcb009814299a6ee5b420c6e79da294dd9.png is a genius made kind of social media platform like who can imagine that there is SocMedia that works with Cryptocurrency integration ? Ofcourse you will going to say that, hey there are some other their too the works the same. But the question is "Are they paying instantly? The platform offering Bitcoin Cash for your quality contents. You are sharing useful post and will return the favour with Bitcoin Cash.

Just imagine your wasted time as user of the oldies platform before. You posted something useful but gets nothing, you need advices but gets nothing. In, you are not just gaining Bitcoin Cash as return token for your contents, you are not just earning crypto but you are earning friendships, trusts and knowledge that you can use as advancement to other people.

let me just tell you some terms that uses:
  • Tips - they are the amount of bitcoincash given to you and they come from people clicking "heart" on your post
  • Heart - this one is equivalent to "like" on Twitter
  • Renoise - this is equivalent to "share" on Twitter
How much tip is equivalent to one heart?

Well, only knows about this. It varies from time to time, really. I have been trying to figure out how the tipping works but it just gave me headache. Sometimes, people can give you big tips and sometimes, you can only get small tips. But, don't be discouraged with it. Just keep going. You'll get there.

Tips on being a successful user (earn good amount of tips)

  • Be Active - consistency is key: engage with others post and post good content yourself, but don't spam. If your posts are good and others find it interesting they will give you tips.

  • Engage and make friends - read and leave relevant comments on post by others and you can also join chambers that aligns with your interest.

  • Post original content: Post good quality content, don't copy and paste contents from all over the net.

  • Lastly - abide by the RULES of the platform to prevent your account from being blocked!

What is the Minimum Payout?

For the minimum payout, you can set it depending on how you like it as long as it will not be below $0.0034. Once you hit the minimum payout that you have set, it will automatically be sent to your BCH wallet. But, it will take few minutes. So, be patient.

Up to you is a great platform and it's worth every time spent on it. If you haven't signed up yet, hit here to get started! Free Bitcoin cash (BCH) is waiting for you to grab it, and you will also get to learn a thing or two in the process.

Visit the platform, grab your free account, start making noise and earn yourself some bitcoin Cash.

Earning bitcoin cash has never been easier.


I hope this has been helpful.

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